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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.55.29 AMThe US Potato Board’s industry communications has launched a new mobile app. Stay connected with their latest news and views via your iPhone, Android or iPad. The can be downloaded for free on iTunes or Google Play.

View and be alerted to the latest press releases, industry updates, events calendar, and other news from the United States Potato Board. The icon will indicate when new articles are posted. Mark a calendar event or article as a favorite and the app will store it. You can also share updates with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Florida Dairy Farmers Release New iPad App

image003Kids, adults and educators alike can now learn about dairy farming in an exciting way through the Florida Dairy Farmers new iPad app, SunnyBell’s Florida Dairy Farm Adventure. The free app that can be downloaded from iTunes, is a fun, interactive romp through a Florida dairy farm.

SunnyBell – a little calf who longs to be an important part of the dairy farm, teaches kids about nutritious milk and where it comes from. The story is interactive and immersive, while kids learn about how a dairy farm works. The app also includes sing-along “moo”sicals, word-search puzzles, coloring pages and quizzes.

SunnyBell’s Florida Dairy Farm Adventure app is not only great for kids of all ages, but is also an exceptional educational tool for parents and educators, and uses games and songs to improve cognitive abilities in kids.

“The SunnyBell app shares the experience of life on a Florida dairy farm while reinforcing the message of where our milk comes from. Children are easily engaged, via educational songs and games that boast interactive animation, while learning about the importance of dairy foods in the diet,” says Alyssa Greenstein, registered dietitian with Florida Dairy Farmers. “As a registered dietitian and mother of three, I especially enjoy the fact that the SunnyBell app helps kids and adults separate nutrition from fads and misinformation.”

To download the free app, visit and check out our new Kids Corner where you can learn, play and grow with SunnyBell.

iCropTrak Soil with 1 Tap Entry for Serious AgNerds

iCT SoilAgNerd Alert!

One tap data entry is important. Because as Aaron Hutchinson, President, Cogent3D, says, “Every click is money.” That’s part of the improvements in the latest release of iCropTrak. Aaron says the company has also created a new version of the product called iCropTrak Soil. This version provides a lower cost alternative for those who don’t need an advanced system and currently has special pricing.

In addition to Rapid Scouting enhancements like Rapid Observation and Action Items, the new iCropTrak includes a series of augmented map functions to make field understanding fast and easy.

  • Map Annotations to provide additional map reference data
  • Work Order Status Annotations to provide where and what quickly
  • Follow Me Upgrade to keep you on the map at any speed
  • Map Sketch to allow you to draw on the map and save results for reports
  • Recent Forms puts field history in chronological order

Version 4.1 includes the first mobile parts of the upcoming integration: On-demand data downloading. On-Demand let’s you download only the data you need for the time you need it, then remove it from your iPad when done to have space for other efforts. At multiple gigabytes per field for planting, as-applied, and harvest data, On-Demand provides users control over their data and provides the first peek at the new user definable statistical legends that colorize the data on the fly based on its attributes.

Aaron Hutchinson, Cogent3D President shared the company’s excitement regarding this release stating: “The One Tap Observation capability to mark weeds, pests, and diseases is a labor break-thru in a market where every click is money. ”

You can listen to my interview with Aaron here: Interview with Aaron Hutchinson

Here’s a demo of iCropTrak Soil:

Introducing – iCropTrak Soil from Cogent3D on Vimeo.

Big thanks to iCropTrak for continuing their sponsorship of our AgWired App. If you don’t have our free app please consider downloading for free!

Popular Agronomy Resource Now Available as App

14AppAdVertFor years farmers have depended on the printed MFA Incorporated Agronomy Guide as a way to compare seed and crop protection products they might need on their farming operations. But that day has come to an end. Farmers who have access to iOS, Android or Windows smartphones or tablets can access all the same information in app form.

The MFA Agronomy Guide app includes detailed comparisons on all categories of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides providing product trade names, common names and chemical families. It also gives info on each chemistry’s mode of action, EPA regulations, storage temperatures and rotation restrictions.

MFA’s Director of Agronomy, Dr. Jason Weirich, said “We update the database that powers the Agronomy Guide app every year, and what you find in there is the unbiased information that shows growers what products best fit the soils, disease pressures and weed pressures on their farm, field by field. In-season, it’s a great resource to review what insect and disease control products will give growers the best control. Growers can find the most effective product, rate and timing for the problems they face. That’s important for environmental stewardship, and it’s good for the bottom line.”

The herbicides are rated by efficacy on target weeds and label info is right there on the app. Seed treatment suggestions and rates are covered as well. In its Seed menus, the Agronomy Guide provides comparisons for major seed lines. Comparison tools let growers evaluate seed based on maturity, disease packages, standability, plant height and other details.

“We still print the paper version of the Agronomy Guide,” said Weirich, “and it is as popular as ever, but we only print so many. The app is available to everyone, and with its customizable comparisons, search capabilities and the fact that it’s always in your pocket, we think it’s a valuable tool.”

John Deere is the inaugural sponsor of the app so users will be able to easily access additional information on a wide variety of John Deere products via links.

To download the app, visit or the online market place for your device and search for MFA Agronomy Guide.

iCropTrak Integration

1982B982-64B5-4C27-88CC405995D3C050The platform has now become integrated with iCropTrak. This even includes the use of Dropbox.

Mobile Field and Farm App iCropTrak just announced their integration of the new John Deere wireless connection technology and DropBox in iCropTrak Version 4.0 for 2014. These technologies will allow for seamless movement of data between your Deere tractor, your iCropTrak enabled iPad and DropBox enabled clients, labs and consultants like never before.

iCropTrak is a mobile farm data management system that combines a customizable collaborative iOS mobile app, a private cloud database and 3rd party connections like and DropBox. It is designed to effortlessly collect soil samples, scout and document farm efforts including tracking people and equipment.

iCropTrak was the first to have a soil sampling iOS app, first to have a farm management app on iPad, and now we’re innovating to make farming easier, smarter, and more informative by interfacing, Dropbox, and a number of 3rd party web systems in 2014.

I spoke with Aaron Hutchinson, Cogent3D, Inc., to learn more about what this will mean to farmers: Interview with iCropTrak's Aaron Hutchinson

New Holland Perfect Combine Initiative

New Holland Combine FB AppFor New Holland the Perfect Combine is an initiative celebrating the production of the 50,000th TC New Holland. It happened in the Plock Poland plant in October.

To celebrate the milestone the company is taking a look back through the history of the combine model with the use of a Facebook App.

When users access this app, they will be involved in a quiz, having to answer some questions about the product’s history as well as the world’s history. Questions will trigger the ability of users, who can prove their knowledge about every single detail of TC Combine’s history… definitely a challenge for real New Holland fans! :)

The initiative is shareable thanks to the creation of special digital postcards, different according to the question answered. Each user who answers all the questions will gain a special info graphic, delivered by the app, to share with friends.

Celebrate this important goal for with New Holland in a funny and easy-going way.

CHS Grain Trading App

CHS Grain Trading AppCHS, Inc. just announced a new app for mobile grain trading. This sounds pretty handy. So you grain trading agnerds out there have another app tool for your device and speaking of devices, there are lots more new ones to choose from like the new iPads announced by Apple this week!

The free app allows easy access to CHS grain terminals, soybean processing plants and select service center bids. It enables producers to make, monitor and manage offers to sell corn, soybeans and wheat electronically. The app also provides market information with the ability to create and manage futures-only, basis-only and cash offers.

Offers through the CHS grain trading mobile app are monitored during futures market hours from 8:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 7:45 a.m. Utilizing the CME Group electronic markets, the app also facilitates an automatic connection between grower-approved offers and CHS hedge orders. With patented e-Pit® services provided by Farmstech, the app can place a hedge order, receive confirmation of the fill, execute the cash purchase, and notify both buyer and seller in seconds.

The CHS Grain Trading mobile app is compatible with both Android™ and iPhone® devices. Download the free mobile app at the App Store™ or Google Play store. Follow the registration process to link to your CHS account and create a grain trading mobile account. Enhanced login and security features ensure information privacy.

Will We Farm with Glass?

ZimmCast 415Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. In this week’s program we’re going to talk about Glass, as in Google Glass.

Bruce RasaWill this new technology be coming to a farm near you? It has actually been used on farms as part of a Google Explorers project being conducted by Bruce Rasa, Inventive Branding. Bruce was one of a select few chosen my Google to receive and use Google Glass prior to the actual public launch of the product in 2014.

Google Glass (styled “GLΛSS”) is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with a mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

Bruce spoke to a group of software developers during last week’s John Deere API Integrator Conference. He gave us a “what if” scenario for how you might use a device like this on the farm that included several videos with farmers who used Glass on their farm. He’s got some great ideas that I think you’ll enjoy by listening to this week’s program.

Listen to this week’s program here: Google Glass on the Farm

Thanks to our ZimmCast sponsors, GROWMARK, locally owned, globally strong and Monsanto, Roundup Ready Plus, for their support. Changing the Skyscape

Chuck SchleusnerWe were welcomed to the John Deere API Integrator Conference today in the beautiful World Food Prize building which will be very busy next week for the annual WFP event. To get a preview of what John Deere is doing here by bringing in representatives from 50 companies from 8 countries and 3 continents I spoke with Chuck Schleusner.

Chuck basically set the stage for how is “changing the skyscape.” I visited with him before we started. He says, “We’re here today to bring together the best minds in ag technology to participate in a platform we call MyJohnDeere with the goal to help improve the productivity of the farmer, specifically those who use John Deere machines. To do that we believe we need to partner with those who can create the plans, the insights that lead to executable instructions back on our equipment . . . We believe by being open with our platform and working with these parties we can do the best for the farmer, the ag industry and ultimately our goal of feeding the world.”

So during the day we’ve got breakout sessions on both technical and business tracks to learn in more detail how the MyJohnDeere system works and how companies can create a developer account where they can “play in the sandbox” to test new applications that integrate with the system and John Deere data.

John Deere announced today a new web portal for developers – – where you can create an account and see their public API’s. They also announced MyJohnDeere Data API. More on these later.

You can listen to my interview with Chuck here: Interview with Chuck Schleusner

John Deere API Integrators Conference Photo Album

Opening up at

John DeereHello from Des Moines and the John Deere API Integrators Conference. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, to an agnerd it is. Today I’ll be learning about how John Deere is working with software and app developers as they continue to develop their system that includes allowing companies to integrate their applications with the system.

So, during the day I’ll be visiting with both Deere representatives and some of the developers attending the conference and sharing with you when I can. This agnerd is looking forward to it!

Of course you can find photos from the event: John Deere API Integrators Conference Photo Album

FieldSync Your Data

ZimmCast 413Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. In this week’s program we’re going to learn about FieldSync from Jen Cochran. We visited yesterday to talk about their mobile, cloud-based, technology and applications for agriculture.

FieldSyncFieldSync™ builds software solutions for businesses that want to “lower costs, improve efficiency, increase revenue, and gain valuable oversight and visibility to their operations.” One of the key ag industry segments they offer support to is livestock.

FieldSync iPodTracking your livestock can be a tough job. FieldSync has the tools that you need to get the most out of your day and your operation. Entering critical data about your animals on a mobile device saves you time and money. Our customers are able to check in and check out livestock 50% faster. They’ve also tackled source verification, and are able to track treatments, pulls, and weight gains on an individual basis. Built in reports and alerts make it easy to react to critical and time sensitive situations.

Beyond livestock FieldSync also offers a lot to any farm operation including row crops with features like:

  • Keep accurate records of employee and contractor timecards and expenses
  • Agricultural equipment is the heart of success. Keep complete data on record showing equipment history, incidents, mileage/hours and maintenance
  • Use custom built forms (no tech staff required) to collect field and crop data such as treatments, field prep, planting, trials, production and post-production notes
  • Track details on farm and field assets such as tools and irrigation equipment, including location and chain-of-custody
  • Easily built reports based on your criteria

Listen to my conversation with Jen in this week’s ZimmCast to learn more about FieldSync here: FieldSync Your Data

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Max Armstrong’s Tractor App Now Available

mobileNow vintage tractor enthusiasts and fans of nationally known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong can download a free smartphone and tablet app to listen to his twice-daily news updates, test their tractor trivia skills, enjoy stories of classic machines, and more.

The interactive “Max Armstrong’s Tractor App” is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Download to hear Armstrong’s distinctive voice inviting you to the app version of his popular TV segment “Max’s Tractor Shed,” to play “Tractor Trivia” and “What Engine is This?” games, and tune in to his daily Midwest Digest reports on Farm Progress America Radio. You can also download ringtones featuring Armstrong’s voice.

Tablet App for ‘My American Farm’ Available

MyAmFarmThe American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released a tablet app modeled after the popular agricultural game site, “My American Farm.” The app is now available for free download on iTunes and Google Play.

The app features five games from My American Farm—In My Barn; My Little Ag Me; Equipment Engineer; Farmer’s Market Challenge; and Ag Across America.

App users are rewarded with a virtual sticker after successfully completing each game. Stickers can be dragged and dropped onto a virtual passport, allowing users to track their progress.

New resources have also been developed to provide guidance for using the app in a traditional or non-traditional setting. A formal lesson plan for classroom instruction, as well as tips and tricks for suggested integration in a variety of settings will be available at

DPP Graindesk Mobile App

dpp_bannerWith more growers relying on mobile technology for their daily farming operations, Farms Technology, L.L.C., a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont Pioneer, has upgraded its Dynamic Pricing PlatformSM (DPPSM) Graindesk mobile app to reflect sellers’ changing needs for updated grain-market information.

The free DPP mobile app puts your preferred buyers’ bids at your fingertips, enabling you to make, monitor and manage offers to sell corn, soybeans and wheat 24 hours a day.

The DPP Graindesk mobile app also delivers updated market information with the ability to create and manage futures-only and cash offers. Through mobile messaging, buyers can communicate with sellers directly through the mobile platform.

DPP Graindesk offers are monitored with every tick of the futures market from 8:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 7:45 a.m. Utilizing the CME Group electronic markets, the DPP Graindesk facilitates an automatic connection between grower-approved offers and buyers’ hedge orders. With patented e-Pit®services, DPP Graindesk can place a hedge order, receive confirmation of the fill, execute the cash purchase, and notify both buyer and seller in seconds. Before the DPP Graindesk and the upgraded DPP Graindesk mobile app, growers interested in selling grain contacted merchandisers to get a price or waited for a price notification via a scheduled text message.

The DPP Graindesk mobile app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Download the free mobile app at the App Store or Google Play store.

Love Old Tractors? New App Celebrates Vintage Iron

mobileNow vintage tractor enthusiasts can test their tractor trivia skills, enjoy stories of classic machines and more, on the go, with a new free smartphone and tablet app from nationally known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong.

The interactive “Max Armstrong’s Tractor App” is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Users will hear Armstrong’s distinctive voice inviting them to the app version of his popular TV segment “Max’s Tractor Shed,” to play “Tractor Trivia” and “What Engine is This?” games, and tune in to his daily Midwest Digest reports on Farm Progress America Radio. They can also download ringtones featuring Armstrong’s voice.

Armstrong, who owns a pair of restored vintage Farmall tractors, is excited to share his passion for iron old and new through the app. He has reported often on the technology agricultural producers use to help them farm more efficiently, to better market their crops and to care for our environment. Providing the free tractor app to growers adds a little levity to the mix.
Continue reading

New Holland iBrochure App

New Holland iBrochure AppNeed to look up some information about New Holland products? It just got easier with this new android app.

Browse the NH iBrochure anywhere and anytime: videos, photo galleries and a wide variety of media contents that offer you an interactive experience and product info about agricultural tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, groundcare, balers, telehandlers and front loaders. Enjoy!

Apps for Agriculture

ZimmCast 403Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. In this week’s program I’m sharing a conversation with Brian Arnall, Oklahoma State University. Brian was one of the presenters at the 2013 InfoAg Conference on precision agriculture.

Brian ArnallBrian’s presentation topic was “Ag Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets.” That certainly got my attention.

Brian is keeping a list of apps he finds that are focused on agriculture and it’s growing fast. When he was asked to do this presentation in January his list (narrowed by topics he’s concerned with) had about 20 apps on it. By last week’s conference he was at 50 and added 4 the morning of his presentation! I hope you’ll enjoy hearing some of his thoughts.

Listen to this week’s ZimmCast here: Apps for Ag

2013 InfoAg Conference Photo Album

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InfoAg Conference App

InfoAg Conference AppIn the lead up to the 2013 InfoAg Conference you might want to get the app so you’re ready. You can get the app for iOS right here or for Android right here. If you’re attending InfoAg I’d like you to have it before attending my session on Wednesday afternoon!

The conference will be held July 16-18 in Springfield, Illinois at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This is all about precision agriculture for farmers, consultants and anyone in the crop production industry. We’re expecting the largest exhibit hall ever with 101 booths and 68 vendors. There will be 77 other presenters besides me so there’s a lot to learn at the event.

With the app you can build a personal conference program, view the full program and see other program options.

Find Farmers Markets With Market Mapper App

Market MapperLooking for local farmers markets? Having trouble finding them? Michael Schade at Mobility Lab has you covered with his Market Mapper App. The image is of our local farmers market in downtown Pensacola, FL. Here’s how he describes it from his blog.

Do you wish you could discover local farmers markets as you visited new places? Here’s a web app that makes it easy: the Market Mapper application. It uses data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture of all farmers markets in the U.S.A.

The program uses your current location to display the closest farmers markets. You can also type a place in the “location” field. As you pan the map, hit “find markets” to look for more locations.

Hovering over a marker will display the name and address of the market. Most markets will also show a list of what they sell, as well as their schedule.

Developing the Application

I got the idea for the application at a recent DC Web API User Group meetup, where a speaker from the U.S. Department of Agriculture discussed their new farmers markets API. You can access the data on their own site at

Listening to Podcasts

Instacast iPhone ScreenshotWay back when ZimmComm New Media got into the new media business we started blogging and podcasting. Guess what. We are still blogging and podcasting. My weekly ZimmCast podcast is now on episode 402!

I remember when people looked at me like I was from another planet when I told them about blogs and podcasts. There were a lot of those, “That’ll never catch on” kind of comments. But they did catch on and are more important as communication channels than ever. I recently wrote about subscribing to RSS feeds with the demise of Google Reader. RSS is what drives the subscription mechanism for all kinds of things and that includes podcasts.

Most of you have a smart phone of some kind. If you aren’t using them to subscribe to podcasts then what are you waiting for? You don’t have to listen to the same songs out of your music library all the time. How about a little news and information? The ZimmCast is one of your options. This is the link you use to subscribe to.

So what apps work well for podcast listening? Let’s start with iOS for iPhones/iPads. The Podcast app is good but a new one I’m using is Instacast. That’s what you see in the screenshot. It is very easy to use, letting you find and subscribe to those podcasts you want. On your Android device you might try Pocket Cast or Podkicker.

Got questions about podcasting? Want to create one for your company or organization? Let me know how I can help.