Syngenta Fungicides Can Help Manage Mycotoxins

Cindy Zimmerman

With ear rots becoming more common and stealing more corn yield, Syngenta has some recommendations for managing mycotoxins and maximizing silage return on investment. Two mycotoxin-causing threats are Fusarium ear rot and Gibberella ear rot and both caused significant yield losses in 2023, an estimated 46.9 million bushels and 49.4 million bushels, respectively. The mycotoxins caused by each disease, Fumonison …

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Golden Harvest Corn Still Growing Strong

Cindy Zimmerman

With corn planting underway now across the Midwest, there are likely quite a few Golden Harvest hybrids going in the ground after a successful 2023. “Golden Harvest has made a lot of innovation over the past 50 years,” said Rex Gray, Golden Harvest Corn Product Manager, at the recent Commodity Classic. “Over the past two years we’ve brought 39 new …

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How GHX Improves Seed Buying Experience

Cindy Zimmerman

More farmers have been able to improve their seed buying experience with the GHX™ Mobile App in the past year With GHX Yield Intelligence for example, Christy Schrader, GHX Marketing Manager for Syngenta, says farmers can turn data into decisions with customized MaxScript™ seeding recommendations focused on getting the right products and the right seeding rates for their fields, backed …

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Syngenta Anticipates Good Summer for Storen™

Cindy Zimmerman

Growers first heard about Syngenta’s latest residual corn herbicide Storen™ at last year’s Commodity Classic and this year Syngenta was pleased to say it is ready for use after approval in July 2023. “We’re in the process of working with our channel partners and the first growers that are going to use Storen corn herbicide this summer,” said Shawn Hock, …

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Feedstocks in Focus at #Classic24

Cindy Zimmerman

It was over 30 years ago that soybean farmers found a new market for their product in fuel made from soybean oil that was eventually called biodiesel, but the market for that clean fuel has expanded to include new feedstocks and opportunities. Clean Fuels Alliance America, formally known as the National Biodiesel Board, hosted a Learning Center Session at the …

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New USSEC Chair Sees Export Opportunities

Carrie Muehling

During its annual meeting prior to Commodity Classic in Houston, the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) seated its new Board of Directors for 2024/2025, with Kansas farmer Lance Rezac, representing the United Soybean Board, elected to serve as chairman for the next year. Rezac said with 150 people working in 82 countries, USSEC continues to promote U.S. soy and the …

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Pivot Bio N-OVATOR™ Paying Off for Farmers

Cindy Zimmerman

Pivot Bio and its sustainability program N-OVATOR™ generated a lot of interest at the recent Commodity Classic in Houston since they have paid over $6 million to growers for implementing better nitrogen management practices since launching in 2022. This year, downstream companies participating in N-OVATOR™’s insetting partnerships made payments to reward Pivot Bio growers for their practice change following the …

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Radical Corn Value Chain Challenge Launched

Carrie Muehling

Radicle Growth, a company-building platform investing in early-stage agriculture and food technologies, is delighted to announce, “The Radicle Corn Value Chain Challenge sponsored by U.S. Corn Farmers.” “We review about 1,000 technologies from around the world every year and make two or three investments,” said Kirk Haney, managing partner of Radicle Growth. “In partnership with U.S. corn farmers, we’re excited …

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RhizoSorb®Takes Off at Classic

Cindy Zimmerman

It was a year ago at Commodity Classic that Phospholutions introduced RhizoSorb® and this year they are ready to go full scale with a product that is the first proven fertilizer technology to reduce phosphorus use by 50% while preserving grower yields. “We just recently completed a life cycle analysis that shows we can reduce carbon emissions 45% compared to …

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ZimmCast 727 – Syngenta at Commodity Classic 2024

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. Once again I learned all about what’s new in the world of agribusiness for Syngenta during the Commodity Classic which was just held in Houston, TX. So this episode will feature interviews I did in the Syngenta booth. Between Cindy and myself this was our 7th conference of the year. You can find virtual …

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