Syngenta Announces Upcoming Seed Treatment Addition

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At the Commodity Classic last week, Syngenta had a new seed treatment in development for soybeans and cotton to talk about called Victrato®. Upon approval by the Environmental Protection Agency for registration, which is anticipated by the 2025 growing season, the new seed treatment will introduce targeted technology to stop nematodes, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Cotton Root Rot (CRR) …

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ASTA FCSC Farm Bill Session

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As most of agriculture knows, Congress agreed last month to an extension of the current farm bill to avoid a lapse in funding for critical agricultural programs and provide certainty to producers, but when a new farm bill will be crafted remains uncertain. At the recent American Seed Trade Association Field Crop Seed Convention, Syngenta’s Mary Kay Thatcher moderated a …

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The Majors Take the Stage at ASTA FCSC

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Representatives from the seed industry’s four largest companies sat down with Ag Resource Company’s Dan Basse at the American Seed Trade Association Field Crop Seed Convention Tuesday to discuss what the future of the seed industry may hold. Eric Boeck with Syngenta Seeds, Tom Schuler of BASF, Jagresh Rana with Bayer, and Tim Glenn with Corteva Agriscience talked about global …

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Farm Bill Extension and Funding Reaction

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Congress this week passed a continuing resolution that includes an extension of the 2018 Farm Bill until Sept. 30, 2024. Agriculture groups and companies at the NAFB Convention gave their reactions to the move and what it will mean for negotiations next year. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) praised the government funding package that also extends the Livestock Mandatory …

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ADM and Syngenta Group Partner for New Biofuels Feedstocks

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ADM and Syngenta Group have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of low carbon, next-generation oilseeds and improved varieties to help meet growing demand for biofuels fueled by sustainable aviation fuel. ADM and Syngenta hope to leverage their existing capabilities to accelerate the research, processing, and commercialization of oilseeds such as Camelina that are typically …

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Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton, Syngenta, Receives Golden Goose Award

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One of the awardees of the Golden Goose Award this year is Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton. I had the opportunity to interview her during a Syngenta Media Event in 2006. You can find that interview here. Here is an overview of the work Dr. Chilton is well-known for. Using millions of years-old bacteria to genetically modify plants resistant to pests. Awardee: …

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Golden Harvest Corn at #FPS23

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Golden Harvest is launching 24 new corn hybrids in 2024, including five new Enogen hybrids for fuel and feed. The complete portfolio includes hybrids ranging from 82 to 117 days, according to Corn Product Manager Andy Ackley. “We made a significant investment into our business a few years ago, and we’re really starting to see that investment come to fruition …

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What’s New in Golden Harvest Soybean Products

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As Golden Harvest looks to the coming growing season for soybeans, the number 24 rings true. The company is offering 24 new soybean varieties, as well as 24 Gold Series soybean varieties in 2024. Soybean Product Manager Ryan Dunsbergen said there are four factors go into Gold Series soybeans, including proprietary genetics, high yield, great disease package, and adaptability. Dunsbergen …

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Tendovo in Action at #FPS23

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Syngenta gave farmers a closer look at its new soybean herbicide, Tendovo, at the 2023 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. “A lot of herbicides out there control the weeds. They do what they’re supposed to do. But some sacrifice the crop safety piece, and that’s really important,” said Jonathan Furasek, Soybean Product Marketing Lead, Herbicide Portfolio. “When we have …

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