AgWired was started in 2004 as the flagship for ZimmComm, a content creation, distribution and publication company for agribusiness, agricultural marketing and renewable fuels. Besides providing readers with interesting industry news and information AgWired provides a significant amount of multimedia content including audio interviews and video clips and numerous links to additional information. AgWired is also the home of the ZimmCast, the first agribusiness industry podcast starting in 2005, which features weekly interviews with industry leaders.

All AgWired websites have active associated Twitter and Facebook accounts and are registered with Google News, making posts highly search engine optimized. Contact Chuck Zimmerman – 573-230-3024 for advertising and promotional opportunities for your brand.

Ad sizes for all websites are as follows:
For the sidebar:
300 pixels wide is the maximum width… but for height… it’s more about what is reasonable.
300×300 would be a large square advert in the sidebar, but 300 wide x any reasonable size works just fine.

For the top (header):
728 wide is the maximum for a top advert (can be wider but will auto shrink to fit the width). 728 x 90is a common ad size. No taller than 120px max.

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