Syngenta Spotlights Sustainability Standard

Carrie Muehling

A new platform from Syngenta can help farmers to easily assess how sustainable their farming practices are and what changes they can begin to make in order to improve. The Sustainable Outcomes in Agriculture (SOA) standard enabled through its Cropwise™ Sustainability app was in the spotlight at last week’s Commodity Classic.

“Sustainability assessments do not have to be a time-intensive process — users who leverage Cropwise Sustainability typically complete a 20-30-minute farm assessment and receive immediate results,” said Liz Hunt, sustainable and responsible business head at Syngenta. “The insights are compiled in an intuitive, digital dashboard that tracks progress in areas such as crop production, water impact, soil health, biodiversity and habitat, human and animal well-being, and community leadership. Growers also have the unique option to view their results and benchmark against other app users in their area.”

While Syngenta developed the Standard with a farmer focus in mind, it also creates opportunities to share the sustainability story with consumers and stakeholders. Hunt explains more in this interview.

Interview with Liz Hunt, Syngenta Head of Sustainable and Responsible Business (6:05)

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