GROWERS Debuts Apps for Farmers and Retailers

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWERS, a leader in digital technology for agriculture, announces enhanced farmer and retailer features within two new mobile apps, GROWERS and GROWERS Retail, available now for iOS on the App Store, with the Android version scheduled to be released in two weeks.

The company’s flagship product, GROWERS, is a FREE app for farmers enabling them to work directly with their retailers to request farm input products digitally, streamlining and organizing the entire process. In addition, GROWERS Retail allows retail counterparts to respond to farmers’ requests creating new ways for retailers to drive customer loyalty and sales growth as more farmers embrace technology.

Joe Procopio, Chief Product Officer at GROWERS, says the new GROWERS and GROWERS Retail apps are the results of feedback received over the past year from farmer, retailer, and manufacturer customers. “We created a single location where farmers can learn about new agriculture products, browse across multiple brands and manufacturers, and make the purchase either in-person with their retailer or within the app. This transition aligns perfectly with our goal to provide a simple, easy-to-use, technology solution that makes it easier for farmers and retailers to do business.”

GROWERS Retail equips retailers with a comprehensive toolkit to foster strong relationships with farmers and build customer loyalty through meeting farmers’ ever-growing adoption of technology. This innovative app streamlines communication and collaboration between farmers and retailers, promoting informed decision-making and a deeper level of trust.

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