Are Your Passwords NordPass Safe?

Chuck Zimmerman

Agriculture PasswordsAccording to NordPass these are the top 10 passwords used by agriculture industry. Surely you don’t use passwords like this still? Well, do you? I have over 1,000 passwords for all kinds of things. An application like NordPass is an essential in today’s world. I’ve been using 1Password for many years now and could not keep my logins safe if I didn’t and I can tell you, I’ve learned the hard way. I really found this information interesting and timely since hacking of all kinds have risen significantly and can be devastating to an individual or a company. Here’s more from the release I received from NordPass.

Agriculture industry employees use shockingly weak passwords, as revealed by NordPass’s new research. This alarms security experts, as weak passwords make it very easy for hackers to access accounts.

Here are the top 10 passwords in agriculture industry:

  • 1. password
  • 2. aaron431
  • 3. Company name*
  • 4. 123456
  • 5. ozzymandius
  • 6. default
  • 7. jakubiak
  • 8. company name*
  • 9. republic
  • 10. august

* This password is a company name or a variation of it (e.g. Company name2002). We are not naming the exact company.

The researchers analyzed data from public third-party breaches that affected Fortune 500 companies. In total, the analyzed data included 15,603,438 breaches and was categorized into 17 different industries. The researchers looked into the top 10 passwords used in each industry, the percentile of unique passwords, and the number of data breaches affecting each industry.

Weak passwords are one of the top causes of data breaches in business.

According to an IBM report, an average global cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. However, a data breach in the healthcare industry costs much more — $7.13 million. And out of all countries, data breaches in US-based companies are the most expensive — $8.64 million. According to Statista, the cost consists of things like: lost business resulting from diminished trust or confidence of customers; costs related to detection, escalation, and notification of the breach; ex-post response activities, such as credit report monitoring.

In addition to that, counties in the European Union face GDPR fines, which are maximum €20 million or 4% of the annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

You can learn more on the NordPass website.

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