Marketing Peanuts to Millennials

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Southern Peanut Growers Executive Director Leslie Wagner and National Peanut Board Senior VP of Marketing Ryan Lepicier teamed up at the opening session of the 18th Southern Peanut Growers Conference to talk about what they are doing to market peanuts to the important millennial generation. “Those of us who have millennials in their life know that they get their information …

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#Peanut Growers Already Preparing for 2018 Farm Bill

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It may seem like the last farm bill process just ended, because it did only two years ago, but already farm state legislators and agricultural organizations are looking ahead to starting the 2018 Farm Bill negotiations. Bob Redding of The Redding Group, who represents peanut farmers on Capitol Hill, talked about the preparations for 2018 at the 2016 Southern Peanut …

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Bayer Pleased with EU Approval of Balance™ GT Soybeans

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One of the three soybean traits just approved by the European Union is Balance™ GT (Event FG72), developed by Bayer and MS Technologies. According to Frank Terhorst, head of the Seeds business unit of Bayer’s Crop Science division, the Balance™ GT trait confers tolerance to both isoxaflutole (an HPPD inhibitor) and glyphosate herbicides. “The new Balance™ GT Soybean Performance System …

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I AM @USFRA – @FarmBureau VP Scott VanderWal

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South Dakota crop and livestock farmer Scott VanderWal was elected Vice President of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) earlier this year and in that role now serves on the board of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA). VanderWal is pleased with how USFRA has brought so many agricultural organizations together under one big tent to address consumer concerns …


#FoodDialogues to Celebrate MN #Water

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If there is one issue that impacts everyone on the planet, it is water. That’s why the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) in collaboration with the Farm and Food Alliance of Minnesota, will host a Food Dialogues next week in Minneapolis called “A Celebration of Minnesota’s Waters.” “We’re addressing this as a celebration of water but also working to …

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Bayer Disappointed with Monsanto Rejection

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Bayer AG officials are “disappointed in Monsanto’s decision to reject its increased all-cash offer of USD 125 per share” made public last week. Monsanto’s Board of Directors unanimously rejected Bayer’s proposal as “financially inadequate and insufficient to ensure deal certainty.” The offer represents a 40 percent premium over Monsanto’s closing share price on May 9, 2016. In addition, Bayer has …

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Vilsack Named Possible Democrat #Veep

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The media and the Twitterverse spread the news quickly Wednesday that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is considering Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack as her running mate, but the buzz about that potential has been around for almost a year in the ag world. Last August, Vilsack introduced Secretary Clinton at an Iowa campaign event where she discussed agricultural issues with …

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#IFAJ2016 Awards Excellence

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The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists honored the best in print, broadcast, photography, and global food reporting at the 60th annual IFAJ Congress this week in Germany. Among the awards presented at the Congress was a new one – the IFAJ-FAO Prize for Excellence in Global Food Security Reporting which went to Laura Rance of Canada. Rance’s article, “Africa’s hunger …

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#IFAJ2016 Elects New Leadership

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Congratulations to our good friend Owen Roberts who is the first Canadian to serve as president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ). Roberts takes over for Markus Rediger of Switzerland who stepped down after completing four very successful years at the helm of IFAJ. Roberts is joined by Lena Johansson from Sweden who replaces him as Vice president, …