Alltech ONE Wellness for Your Health

Cindy Zimmerman

Three months ago Alltech launched Acutia, a wholly owned subsidiary “that combines science and sustainability to provide high-quality supplements that enhance everyday nutrition and improve long-term wellness.” Nikki Putnam-Badding is a registered dietitian nutritionist and director of Acutia, and she is also chair of the health and wellness track for this year’s Alltech ONE Ideas Conference. As one of the …

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Alltech ONE Loves Pets

Cindy Zimmerman

Pets have played a vital role in the mental health of millions during the past 18 months as COVID pandemic measures kept us home, but many are experiencing separation anxiety now that businesses are getting back to more normal and people are going back to work. Dealing with the post-pandemic pet blues is just one of several interesting presentations on-demand …

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Alltech ONE Equine Track is a Winner

Cindy Zimmerman

Horses have a special place in the heart of Alltech and the equine track for this year’s ONE Ideas Conference offers six amazing sessions for horse lovers. Alltech Lifestyle and Companion Animal Director Tim Karl just joined the company last August and he is very excited about the lineup, which includes a look at the new World Equestrian Center (WEC) …

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Alltech ONE Focus on Future of Flock

Cindy Zimmerman

Poultry is undoubtedly the most important segment of the livestock industry worldwide but the poultry industry must continue to find solutions that meet the needs of people and the planet. Alltech U.S. Poultry Business Manager Karyl Hedden says the poultry track at the Alltech ONE this year gives producers a lot to think about. “We have four different presentations and …

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Alltech ONE Ideas Conference Underway

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2021 Alltech ONE Ideas Conference opened its virtual doors Tuesday to officially welcome more than 10,000 attendees from around the world for an exploration of agri-food, business and beyond. Now in its 37th year, Alltech’s flagship event continues to be an invaluable industry resource, with unmatched content and innovative ideas, inspiration and motivation from world-class speakers. Registrants from 99 …

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Alltech ONE Honors International Journalists

Cindy Zimmerman

The winners of the 2021 IFAJ-Alltech International Award for Leadership in Agricultural Journalism were announced in conjunction with the Alltech ONE Ideas Conference Tuesday. They are Kallee Buchanan of Australia and Craig Lester of Canada. The award, in honor of Dr. Pearse Lyons and his love of storytelling and journalism, recognizes and rewards excellence and leadership of young journalists within …

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Dairy Trends on Track at Alltech ONE

Cindy Zimmerman

Today is the big day for the kickoff of the Alltech ONE Ideas Conference 2021 virtual edition and we are “dairy” excited! The Dairy Track offers a wide variety of topics ranging from farm management and animal welfare to sustainability, milk alternatives, and meeting market demands. This time last year, the disruption caused by the global pandemic was near its …

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Alltech ONE is Big on Pigs

Cindy Zimmerman

Innovations in technology and nutrition are helping farmers around the globe protect the health of both their pigs and our planet and this week’s Alltech ONE Ideas Conference features the latest information on how producers can improve their productivity, profitability and the biosecurity of their farms. “We have really interesting topics coming from all over the globe,” says Russell Gilliam, …

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Alltech ONE has the Beef

Cindy Zimmerman

The beef cattle track at this year’s virtual Alltech ONE Ideas Conference includes a number of top-notch speakers addressing some of the industry’s most important issues. “We have a really global panel of speakers this year,” said Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech Ruminant Research Director. “It’s very important to us to represent the more than 130 countries that our customers come …

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HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science Announce Partnership

Cindy Zimmerman

HELM Agro and Alltech Crop Science have announced a partnership to bridge the gap between traditional and biological crop input solutions. This new relationship applies a systems approach to support sustainable practices and provide growers easy access and product education on full-spectrum, integrated crop solutions. HELM Agro will market, sell and distribute the Alltech Crop Science line of products in …

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