DWFI Podcast 15 – Roric Paulman, Paulman Farms

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Roric Paulman is a producer and owner of Paulman Farms, located just south of Sutherland, Nebraska and in the heart of the Ogallala Aquifer, comprised of both irrigated and rain fed farmland. The farm was established and harvested its first crop in 1985 and uses the latest on-farm technology to grow more than a dozen crops. It is one of …

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DWFI Podcast 14 – Jackson Stansell, Sentinel Fertigation

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Jackson Stansell is CEO and founder of Sentinel Fertigation, a Lincoln, Nebraska ag startup founded in 2021 that uses drone- and satellite-collected imagery to predict when a corn crop needs fertilization — saving growers money and reducing environmental impact. Jackson has a connection to the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute. He received student support from the institute while working …

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DWFI Podcast – Business Ecosystem in Rwanda

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Of Rwanda’s roughly 600,000 hectares of irrigable land, only 10% is currently irrigated. With a more developed irrigation industry, farmers would be able to take advantage of three growing seasons, rather than one, enabling better food security and income. However, there are gaps in knowledge needed to advance the industry. Seeking to make these advancements accessible, staff at the Daugherty …

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Nebraska Inspires Water Partnership with Brazil

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The government of Mato Grosso, Brazil found what it was looking for in Nebraska – ways to improve the sustainable development of water for crop irrigation and pasture land, to intensify production on existing lands and decrease expansion of agriculture on fragile ecosystem. As a result of a technical visit to Nebraska in May, Mato Grosso will sign a technical …

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Daugherty Water for Food Podcast Episode 12

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Managed aquifer recharge can be an innovative way to both satisfy endangered species’ habitat restoration and benefit crop irrigators in the area. This is exactly how it was used in Nebraska’s Central Platte Valley when river canals were already in need of repair after more than 100 years of use. The process consists of recharging an aquifer using either surface …

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Daugherty Water for Food Podcast Episode 11

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The Daugherty Water for Food Podcast is back after a brief hiatus to bring you a new episode focused on ensuring water and food security for our growing world. Matt Foley is program director for The Combine AgriFood Incubator, a part of Invest Nebraska, which supports early stage agtech companies in row crop, animal health, digital agriculture and sustainability. The …

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USFRA Participates in Water for Food Forum

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U.S. Farmers & Ranchers in Action CEO Erin Fitzgerald and chairperson Anne Meis participated in a panel discussion on food and water systems during the kickoff of the Daugherty Water for Food Institute’s virtual global forum last week. Meis operates a family farm in Nebraska with her husband and she serves as treasurer of Nebraska Soybean Board. As Chair of …

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Water for Food Forum Features World Food Prize Laureate

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The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute this week kicked off its “Water for Food Global Forum,” a virtual series of events convening international experts, growers, and organizations to focus on achieving global water and food security. The event features both on-demand and live virtual events and the first live panel Thursday discussed the need for change in global food …

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Daugherty Water for Food Podcast Episode 10

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This episode of the Daugherty Water for Food podcast features Amy Wu, an award-winning journalist, filmmaker and the creator of From Farms to Incubators. From Farms to Incubators is a multimedia platform that uses documentary, video, photography and the written word to tell the stories of women leaders and innovators in agtech. It has a mission of highlighting women in food, farming, and …

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