Alltech Answers Fish Oil Shortage Dilemma

Jamie Johansen

It is hard to find a more diverse company than Alltech. At their recent REBELation, breakout sessions covered topics from digital media to aquaculture. Headlining discussion on algae was, Becky Timmons, Director for Applications Research and Quality Assurance for Alltech Algae. She started with Alltech 30 years ago and also has a very diversified background. She has been everything from …

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Seafood Videos for Consumers

Chuck Zimmerman

We’ve heard a lot about consumer attitudes about and consumption of meats like beef and pork but how about seafood? Well the Seafood Industry Research Fund sponsored a research study to do just that. Working with Virginia Tech’s Department of Food Science and Technology the research was used in the development of educational videos that address gaps in consumer knowledge …

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Support for Repeal of Catfish Inspection Program

Cindy Zimmerman

There’s a whole boatload of folks who think something is fishy about the USDA catfish inspection program that was included in the 2008 Farm Bill and they’d like to see it thrown back. An effort to repeal the program apparently has widespread support in Congress and with a variety of agricultural companies and organizations. National Fisheries Institute spokesperson Gavin Gibbons …

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Locust Trace AgriScience Farm

Jamie Johansen

Locust Trace AgriScience Farm is the newest career and technical high school in Lexington, Kentucky with energy and environmental being key factors in the facility design and agriculture being the educational focus. Locust Trace features spacious classrooms with adjoining labs, 6.5 acres for gardening, a state-of-the-art greenhouse with an aquaculture area for raising native fish, a soaring auditorium with a …

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Using Alge to Improve Ag Sustainability

Joanna Schroeder

Agriculture often gets a bad wrap on the sustainability scale but growers know that they aren’t going to jeopardize their livehoods and they are great stewards of the land. But for those growers who are still looking for some unique ways to be a little “greener” with their operations, they should consider algae. Kent Bioenergy has its roots in aquaculture. …

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Bioponica – The New Wave of Food Production?

Joanna Schroeder

Who wants to grow food in a box? Maybe not a lot of you yet but you just might after reading this story. David Epstein, D.O. a holistic osteopathic physician and Kenneth Lovell, P.E., a professional engineer have developed Bioponica, a food production system that turns food, yard and body waste into feed and then from feed to food. The …

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Novus Invests in Aquaculture Future

Cindy Zimmerman

As the world produces more and more fish protein to feed a growing population, Novus International is helping to feed those fish more efficiently and sustainably. Did you know that aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of the animal production industry? But, like every other segment, aquaculture producers are facing the challenge of expanding to feed a growing population and …

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Farming Fish In Ponds

Chuck Zimmerman

There’s more than one way to farm fish. Usually you think ponds of tilapia or catfish right? Well there’s also sports fishing pond management of game fish like bass and bluegill. At Sunbelt Ag Expo they have a “fishing ponds” exhibit area. One of the exhibitors is Southeastern Pond Management. Seen in the photo is Kedric Nutt. He says his …

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