NK Seeds Taking Aim at Tar Spot

Cindy Zimmerman

Tar Spot cost U.S. farmers more than 231 million bushels of corn in 2021, according to the Crop Protection Network, and last year there were outbreaks reported in eight states. NK Seeds has compiled products, tools and agronomic tips to help farmers know how to recognize and manage Tar Spot to prevent it from having a significant impact on their 2023 yields.

At Commodity Classic last week, NK Seeds Corn Product Manager Matt Dolch said because Tar Spot is a relatively new disease, there’s still a knowledge gap around its management practices but planting hybrids with resistance to Tar Spot can delay disease development and minimize yield loss. “NK genetics have been proven to be resistant to common diseases, including Tar Spot — that makes our hybrids an essential tool for keeping Tar Spot in check in susceptible fields,” said Dolch.

Learn more in this interview with Dolch.
Classic 23 interview with Matt Dolch, NK Seeds (3:25)

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