How BASF Flo-Rite Helps Increase Yields

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Keeping seed treatment on the seed to retain the active ingredient at maximum capacity is one of the main benefits of BASF’s Flo Rite Plantability Seed Coating and that benefits growers at harvest time. “Our Flo Rite plantability polymer acts as a thin film coating that locks that seed treatment on the seed and keeps it there where a grower …

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BASF Highlights Compostable Polymers at CSS

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BASF has a biodegradable solution for plastics with ecovio® and ecoflex® technology. Ruth Watts, product marketing manager for BASF’s Biopolymers Group in North America, was at last week’s ASTA CSS & Seed Expo demonstrating the use of this type of packaging for agricultural applications. “This (ecovio) is new technology by BASF,” Watts explained, adding that ecoflex was the very first …

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Fermentation Education from BASF at CSS

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Fermentation education was going on at the BASF booth during the ASTA CSS 2014 and Seed Expo last week in Chicago. The fermentation educator was BASF Biological Operations Manager Chris Feiden who explained and demonstrated for us the fermentation and filling process that takes place at BASF research facility in St. Joseph, Missouri and their quality assurance process. “We walk …

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BASF on Importance of Coatings and Inoculants

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Coatings and inoculants are where it’s at in the seed industry these days and BASF Ag Products is in the forefront of this important technology for agriculture. “When we speak of inoculants, we’re talking about rhizobia-based products,” said BASF US Crop Seed Enhancement manager Steve Bergschneider during an interview at the ASTA CSS 2014 and Seed Expo in Chicago. “We …

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ASTA Chairs Pleased with CSS 2014

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The chairman and first vice chair of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) are pleased with this year’s turnout at CSS 2014 and Seed Expo and with the direction of the organization. ASTA chair John Schoenecker with HM. Clause of California says the program is exceptionally good this year. “Everything from bee health to cover crops, the international treaty for …

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BASF Talks Emerging Seed Industry Trends at CSS

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Two main trends emerging in the seed industry are biological crop inputs and seed coatings, according to Mike McFatrich, BASF global seed solutions business director. “I think we have seen a real increase in looking at more sustainable options and being able to do more with less,” said McFatrich at this week’s CCS 2014 and Seed Expo in Chicago where …

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BASF Helps Feeding America

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BASF is donating $75,000 to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, to help feed struggling families and individuals throughout the U.S. “Through our contribution to Feeding America, we can help provide healthy fruits and vegetables to people and communities who may not have regular access to them,” said Scott Kay, Vice President, U.S. Crop Protection for BASF. “In many …

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ASTA CSS 2014 and Seed Expo Kicks Off

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The American Seed Trade Association CSS 2014 and Seed Expo is officially underway in Chicago and possibly may be a record crowd this year. “We have a great participation this year,” said ASTA president and CEO Andy LaVigne. “Beginning of this week, we had over 2700 registrants and that’s almost 100 more than we finished with last year and we …

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