Organizations Supporting Tech Hub LIVE

Cindy Zimmerman

AgGateway and the Agricultural Retailers Association are two of the annual Tech Hub LIVE Conference and Expo supporting organizations for one very good reason – because their members attend. “For the last 13 years, AgGateway has done a lot of work in the whole technology space and bringing data interoperability,” said AgGateway Executive Vice President Jeremy Wilson. “This conference has …

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Tech Hub LIVE Hears From Farmers

Cindy Zimmerman

During this week’s conference and expo in Des Moines, Tech Hub LIVE attendees heard from some farmers in the field about topics such as autonomy, data management, and implementing climate-smart agriculture (CSA). Kyle Daeley, Associate Director- Food & Agriculture, Publicis Sapient, moderated the Farmer Panel General Session featuring Jason Kieser, Creekwood Ag, Illinois; Doug Applegate, Applegate Acres, Iowa and Praxidyn; …

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Former AgGateway Director Reflects on Progress

Cindy Zimmerman

Marilyn Hunter has seen AgGateway grow and develop since even before it was formed in 2005 and she reflected on how the organization has changed over the years at the recent Mid-Year meeting. “I came from a previous organization called Rapid, which morphed into AgGateway,” said Hunter. “At that time we were focused primarily on XML connectivity…Once AgGateway was formed …

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ZimmCast 713 – The Work of AgGateway

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast. I’m Chuck Zimmerman. In this episode I am sharing a couple of interviews from the AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting. One of those is with Andres Ferrerya, Data Asset Manager for Syngenta Digital. The kind of work that he does and the work of AgGateway can get pretty technical but he describes it in a clear …

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AgGateway Working Groups Making Progress

Cindy Zimmerman

The AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting this week in Altoona, Iowa is the place where the work of digital connectivity gets done. AgGateway Executive Vice President Jeremy Wilson says the organization gathers in the middle of the year so working groups on various topics can meet in person to share ideas and discuss solutions and possibly wrap up some of their projects. …

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AgGateway Conducting Mid-Year Business

Chuck Zimmerman

The 2023 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting is all about business. Working groups on various organizational resource programs are meeting this week to complete projects and work on projects still in process. In the photo are first-timer attendees getting an orientation about AgGateway before the real work starts. Prior to this week’s meeting I spoke with Brent Kemp, AgGateway President/CEO, for a …

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Preview of the 2023 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting

Chuck Zimmerman

It is almost time for the 2023 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting and you can still register. To get a preview of the program I spoke with Brent Kemp, President and CEO of AgGateway. Besides some interesting keynote speakers and working group meetings there will be plenty of networking time. That will include racing at Prairie Meadows! The AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting, June …

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The 2023 VISION Conference will Harness the Power of Ag 4.0

Cindy Zimmerman

The 6th Annual VISION Conference, organized by Meister Media Worldwide, returns to the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa in Arizona on January 17-18, 2023. The theme for this year’s conference is “Harnessing the Power of Agriculture 4.0 – Turning Innovation into Reality” and centers around key topics driving Agriculture 4.0: virtual cropping systems, autonomy, AI, climate smart ag, vertical …

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AgGateway Honors Members at Annual Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

AgGateway wrapped up its annual conference last week with the presentation of awards to member volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to the organization and its mission to enable seamless digital connectivity in agriculture. The AgGateway in Action Award is given to volunteers for exceptional work over the past year in their respective regions. The 2022 recipients are …

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AgGateway Wraps Up Successful Annual Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

AgGateway wrapped up a successful annual conference this week in Clearwater Beach, Florida. President and CEO Brent Kemp says a lot of work was accomplished toward the AgGateway strategic plan to “Create, Engage and Grow 2.0.” “All of activities, all of our work, all of our outreach is based around those three words,” said Kemp in an interview at the …

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