35 Years Experience Advocating at #ASTAannual

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Today’s news might make you believe the fight against agriculture technology is a modern issue, but Katie Fast of Oregonians for Food and Shelter told an audience at the American Seed Trade Association annual meeting, her organization has been dealing with consumer misinformation since 1980. This grassroots network of farmers and foresters began focusing on the responsible use of resources, crop protection …

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#Ethanol Markets Outlook from @Novozymes

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Current market conditions affecting the ethanol industry today were a big topic of discussion at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Milwaukee this week. Jack Rogers, global marketing manager in charge of Novozymes bioenzymes portfolio, says one of the challenges the ethanol industry is facing today includes a big dip in commodity prices so oil, corn and ethanol prices have come …

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Historic #ASTAannual with OSA is a Win-Win

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The leadership of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and the Oregon Seed Association (OSA) were all smiles at the Gala Banquet concluding the trailblazing joint annual meeting of the two organizations this week in Portland, Oregon. “This worked out wonderfully,” said OSA president Greg Loberg of West Coast Beet Seed. “We wanted to enhance the partnerships between members of …

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#ASTAannual Elects New Leadership

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Among all the seminars and committee meetings of the American Seed Trade Association’s annual meeting one of the most important items of business was the election of the officer team for the coming year.  They are: • Chair: Mark Herrmann, AgReliant Genetics • First Vice Chair: Tracy Tally, Justin Seeds • Second Vice Chair: Jerry Flint, DuPont Pioneer The 2016-2017 …

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Senate Committee to Vote on Plant Genetics Treaty

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The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be voting today on one of the the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) top legislative priorities – the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. ASTA is urging the Committee to vote in favor of the Treaty to move it forward to the full Senate for ratification. ASTA president and …

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#Enogen Growers Help Increase #Ethanol Production

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Farmers growing the Enogen technology for ethanol production are not only benefiting the environment, but the ethanol production industry as well. The Enogen enzyme trait enables more ethanol output from each kernel of corn. The race media learned about about the role of Enogen in ethanol production and the benefits of using E15 in race cars this weekend during the …

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Soil Health Institute at #ASTAannual

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The cover crops session at the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon heard about a new initiative focused on soil health – the Soil Health Institute. Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, who was Deputy Chief for Science and Technology for USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, is president and CEO of the group that is working to protect and …

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Supporting Future #Seed Researchers

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The future of the seed industry is in good hands if the students who are attending this year’s American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) annual meeting are any indication. ASTA has a strong interest in encouraging young people pursuing careers in the industry in a number of ways, from programs that mentor students to supporting the efforts of the American Seed …

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#ASTAannual Honors Exemplary Members

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When it comes to volunteering and service there are some people who just seem to stand out. Here at the American Seed Trade Association annual meeting the board took the opportunity to honor a few of those people and thank them for the contributions they’ve made to the industry. Mike Gumina was recognized with the ASTA Lifetime Honorary Member Award. Gumina …

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