A Bad Boy Stampede

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I want one of these Bad Boys! Some of us are already getting excited about fall hunting and one of these would really get us to and from our stands quicker. I have an old model Bad Boy that I’ve been hunting with for a couple years now and I love it. It’s an electric 4-wheel drive buggy. So here’s …

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#IFAJ2016 Bayer Tour – Part 7 – Application Tech – Nozzles

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In this episode of my series on touring Bayer CropScience during the IFAJ Congress in Germany the focus will continue on application technology. This time specifically on spray nozzles. Ralph-Burkhardt Toews, Bayer Application Technology Manager, gave a field demonstration using different types of nozzles. In the first part of the demonstration he shows the difference between standard spray nozzles vs …

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#IFAJ2016 Bayer Tour – Part 6 – Application Technology

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You don’t usually think of Bayer CropScience as an application equipment company but did you know that the company does a lot of work with machinery manufacturers, supporting them in ways like the development of environmentally friendly spray technology. The team for this is lead by Dr. Reinhard Friessleben, Head of Bayer’s Application Technology. He along with Armin Lind, Application …

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The @JohnDeere Customer Solutions Plan

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During this year’s InfoAg Conference I met John Teeple, Director, Technology – Precision Ag Solutions, John Deere. John covers a lot of territory with his position. I asked John how John Deere is working in the precision ag sector to help farmers become more efficient while planting, spraying and harvesting. He says they look at it from three angles. “John …

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The 2016 #AgCatalyst is Looking for Your Registration

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It is the third annual AgCatalyst, an event coordinated by AdFarm. This year the theme is “AgCatalyst 2016: Finding the best possible path to our customers’ hearts, minds, smartphones and back.” Registration is now open. Early bird pricing ends September 15th. This value-packed two-day event is about fostering insight and igniting discussions around new opportunities to reach and engage with …


3rd Party Developer Integrations for @JohnDeere Have Tripled

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The Operations Center of MyJohnDeere.com has become increasingly beneficial to customers with the growth in third party application developers who have integrated their software via APIs. This allows for more seamless connectivity of data into the Operations Center that can be shared out to other platforms and software. Many of these companies have attended the annual John Deere Developers Conference …

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Looking Ahead to 2017 IFAJ Congress

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Pre-promotion for the 2017 Congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists is moving quicker than normal. That’s because the Congress will be in South Africa April 2-7 next year. The Congress website will be live soon The congress will start just north of Pretoria at Kievit’s Kroon on 2 April 2017 in Gauteng with newsworthy and informative discussions and …

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#Ethanol Education for Bikers

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Dana Siefkes-Lewis (pictured on right) is the Chief Administrative Officer for Redfield Energy, an ethanol plant in Redfield, SD. She is also the President of the South Dakota Ethanol Producers Association, board member for the Renewable Fuels Association and a great spokesperson for the industry. This year Dana visited the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to work with other RFA staff and …

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#IFAJ2016 Bayer Tour – Part 5 – Bayer Bee Care

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In this part 5 of my series from Bayer CropScience tour stops during the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress in Germany this presentation at the Bee Care Center is done by Peter Trodtfeld, Bee Keeper at the Bayer Bee Care Center. Peter took us outside next to some bee hives to talk about how the company approaches bee care. …

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