AgBiome Announces Sale of Products to Certis Biologicals

Chuck Zimmerman

AgBiome has announced sale of its products to Certis Biologicals to provide the products with new opportunities, enabling them to realize fully their transformative potential.

Founded in 2012, AgBiome embarked on a visionary journey to make a real difference in the world and emerge as a leading force in agricultural innovation. Throughout its trajectory, the company has remained steadfast in its mission to revolutionize crop protection, demonstrating that microbial solutions can rival established conventional technologies.

”AgBiome’s products, Howler and Theia fungicides, are the most effective biological fungicides with unique modes of action and efficacy similar to synthetic chemicals but with substantial environmental benefits. We are delighted that a company like Certis Biologicals, with a deep commitment to these products, will steward their future growth and development. More growers than ever will be able to see first hand the benefits of these products,” said Scott Rabe, Head of Product Development.

Both Howler® and Theia® fungicides are registered in all 50 states and deliver highly effective disease control with ultimate flexibility, including OMRI-list designation, zero-day pre-harvest interval, minimal restricted-entry interval and exemption from U.S. residue tolerances.

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