On the Cutting Edge of Cotton

Laura McNamara

The latest innovation in the cotton industry merges two integral processes to offer growers a more efficient production of cotton. And more growers can get their hands on the technology too. Case IH manufacturing has gone commercial with cotton. The machine is the Case IH Module Express 625, which allows growers to save capital, fuel and labor by combining cotton …

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No “Stick” in Drumsticks

Laura McNamara

Drummers won’t be pounding out beats with wood if they start using Wheatware products. Nor will they be using plastic. Instead, they’ll be using, you guessed it, wheat. The new biodegradable product line also offers guitar picks, hangars and more. To help protect the Earth’s virgin forests and reduce global warming, Wheatware.com, exclusive U.S. distributor of Wheatware™ products, has donated …

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Syngenta Acquires Zeraim Gedera

Laura McNamara

Syngenta expands into Israel as it acquires Zeraim Gedera, an Israeli seeds company. Syngenta believes Zeraim offers an ideal addition to its vegetable seeds business. Syngenta announced that it has agreed to acquire Zeraim Gedera Ltd., a high quality Israeli vegetable seeds company focusing on high-value crops, including tomato, pepper and melon. Syngenta will buy all outstanding shares in the …

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CNH Amasses Awards

Laura McNamara

CNH, an Illinois-based agriculture and construction equipment manufacturer has racked up a total of seven awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. It appears CNH excels at engineering innovative designs for its products. CNH (NYSE: CNH) this week won seven awards — more than any other manufacturer — from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers …

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Agriculture’s ‘Nobel’ Goes to Purdue Food Science Professor

Laura McNamara

Purdue University Professor Philip E. Nelson has secured this year’s World Food Prize for his innovation in food processing and preservation. Purdue’s Scholle Chair Professor in Food Processing developed technology that enables the transport of processed fruits and vegetables without spoilage. Nelson’s “aseptic bulk storage and distribution” process is credited with revolutionizing the global food trade. More than 90 percent …

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Roundup Powered Up at Ag Field Day

Laura McNamara

Two new cotton varieties from the Delta and Pine Land Company will be displayed at the Ag Technology Field Day, July 19th in Memphis. D&PL’s Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready® Flex cotton varieties are designed to control resistant weeds and offer greater weed management. In 2006 testing, both DP 141 B2RF and DP 161 B2RF demonstrated yield and fiber potential a step …

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DirectCommand™ For Direct Control

Laura McNamara

It’s precision farming with point-blank control. Ag Leader Technology Inc. is now offering DirectCommand™ for strip-till applicators. The manufacturer of precision farming equipment says the system meets all strip-till application needs through direct oversight for granular and liquid products. DirectCommand™ for strip-till applicators monitors bin level and fan speed sensors, maintains accurate application rate by controlling servo or PWM hydraulic …

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