Propane Worries for Poultry Producers

Cindy Zimmerman

With feed prices lower now than they were in 2012, there is a lot of optimism in the U.S. poultry industry, but now producers are contending with another high input cost – energy. U.S. Poultry and Egg Association president John Starkey says the propane shortage and resulting higher prices are having a great impact on the poultry industry nationwide. “Particularly …

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Novus Celebrates ALIMET Anniversary at IPPE

Cindy Zimmerman

It was 30 years ago this week that the first load of ALIMET® shipped out of the Chocolate Bayou Manufacturing Facility near Alvin, Texas and Novus International was celebrating that at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta. As an 88% active source of methionine, ALIMET® feed supplement has become the liquid methionine source most frequently used by …

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IPPE Show Goes On Despite Weather

Cindy Zimmerman

The International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) carried on Wednesday in Atlanta, despite the few inches of snow that nearly paralyzed the city. Attendance was still pretty good today considering and with so many flights cancelled lots of people are actually staying longer for the show than they planned. “Our crowd has held up today in spite of very severe …

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Snow Hits the IPPE in Atlanta

Cindy Zimmerman

For those of you who were in Atlanta in 2011 for the American Farm Bureau annual meeting and AG CONNECT expo, you know what Atlanta is like when it gets very rare snow. We have it again here for the International Production and Processing Expo. Restaurants closed, transportation not running, skeleton crews at the conference center, flights cancelled and communication …

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Meat Me in @LANTA Chili Winner

Chuck Zimmerman

Because food matters and especially chili on these chilly winter days we bring you the winner of the Meat Me in @ATLANTA Chili competition. He’s Jeff Clark, Ruth’s Chris, who was named Best Overall Chili Winner. The event was held at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) on Tuesday, Jan. 28. The event was sponsored by the U.S. Poultry …

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Consumer Demand Drives Poultry Processing

Cindy Zimmerman

A large Chick-fil-A sign welcomes attendees to the 2014 International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, claiming the city to be the “chicken eating capitol of the world” in cow speak. That may or may not be entirely true, but it is certainly the center of the poultry processing world this week. To kick off the event, Novus International hosted …

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Novus at Production and Processing Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

Once again we are pleased to bring you coverage of the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, courtesy of our friends at Novus International. IPPE is the new name for the combination of International Poultry Expo, International Feed Expo, and International Meat Expo, which all integrated together in 2013. The 2014 IPPE will bring together more than 1,100 …

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Novus’ Commitment to Sustainability

Jamie Johansen

The vision at Novus International is to feed the world affordable, wholesome food. They have adopted a three pillar stance of solution, service and sustainability all tied in to thinking globally, but acting locally. Sustainability is the cornerstone of their vision to improve the quality of life for people around the world. During the recent International Production and Processing Expo, …

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USPOULTRY Honors Industry Workhorse of the Year

Jamie Johansen

Vice President of USPOULTRY, Dr. Charles Olentine, was named Workhorse of the Year during the International Poultry Expo. This year’s expo was part of the International Production & Processing Expo. This honor is given annually in recognition of dedicated service and valuable leadership given to the poultry industry. Olentine was “collared” with the long-established horse collar by 2012 Workhorse of …

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