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Novus Celebrates ALIMET Anniversary at IPPE

Cindy Zimmerman

novus-alimetIt was 30 years ago this week that the first load of ALIMET® shipped out of the Chocolate Bayou Manufacturing Facility near Alvin, Texas and Novus International was celebrating that at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta.

As an 88% active source of methionine, ALIMET® feed supplement has become the liquid methionine source most frequently used by nutritionists around the world, delivering proven performance and an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretion and supports performance during heat stress.

novus-jeff“Methionine has been a flagship product of Novus since the very beginning,” said Novus Methionine Business Unit President Jeff Klopfenstein. “Liquid ALIMET is the product that works better and provides more value for our customers.”

“For poultry producers, it’s important to get every last edge available,” Jeff said. “To have the methionine benefit of ALIMET, the gut health benefit, the organic acid benefit in terms of feed acidification – all of these applications are part of the ALIMET package.”

Listen to Jeff talk about his favorite subject here: Jeff Klopfenstein, Novus
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