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Novus’ Commitment to Sustainability

Jamie Johansen

ippe-13-10-editedThe vision at Novus International is to feed the world affordable, wholesome food. They have adopted a three pillar stance of solution, service and sustainability all tied in to thinking globally, but acting locally.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of their vision to improve the quality of life for people around the world. During the recent International Production and Processing Expo, I talked with Alex Pierroutsakos, who works in quality assurance in sustainability and environmental safety, about how Novus brings sustainability into their everyday lives.

“Novus has done a really good job at looking into what sustainability is all about and focusing on that is part of our mission statement. How are we going to feed a growing population over the next 40 years? Once you transcend that back to what we can do to help that process and help to make our own customers more sustainable. [We ask] how do we provide product on time, how do we help make sure the supply chain and distribution is there for us to support them. These are the things we are looking at.”

Novus believes being sustainable starts at home. There 90,000-square foot headquarters is platinum LEED-certified. This is the highest energy and environmental design available in the United States. It is one of four in Missouri and one of 150 in the entire United States.

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