GRAINCO FS Offers App Developed with Intelinair

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This crop season, GRAINCO FS is offering myFS Agronomy as its latest digital agronomic tool for on-farm data-driven decision-making for its farmer customers in Kendall, LaSalle, and Grundy counties in Illinois.

The new digital platform and app, developed with Intelinair, provides in-season and postseason actionable insights and analytics for improved operational efficiency and return on investment. For years, GRAINCO FS has been at the forefront of providing innovative digital solutions to its customers. The recently launched app available now brings new features and functionality for an improved experience.

GRAINCO FS uses the tech platform to analyze the crop on every acre across their entire trade territory to ensure their crop specialists are given the best data to make the decisions during the season to maximize the crop and to understand what seed, inputs, and practices will bring the highest ROI for each acre and in each situation postseason. All of this being built on real, local data gives their customers access to information they have never been able to see.

“Our goal is to make technology simple enough that anyone can utilize it with analytics that find the answers to two difficult questions – What is the problem and how do I fix it? Analyze is a big step in that direction that this feature will continue to evolve,” said Conner Schmidt, National Sales Leader for Intelinair. “GRAINCO FS has and will continue to play a large role in this innovation. I look forward to working together with GRAINCO FS to push the envelope further.”

Learn more about the myFS Agronomy platform or request a demo by visiting

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