DPH Biologicals Releases New Biological Seed Treatment

Cindy Zimmerman

DPH Biologicals today launched a multi-action biofungicide seed treatment called BellaTrove™ Companion Maxx ST that helps seedlings fight pathogens and ensures healthy root systems.

BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST is derived from DPH Biologicals’ proprietary strain of a plant-stimulating rhizobacterium. The EPA-registered OMRI-certified biofungicide and bactericide stimulates a plant’s natural defenses against pathogens while improving nutrient uptake and root health. BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST offers greater value to organic and conventional growers at a time when input costs continue to increase.

“With BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST, growers get a biological seed treatment in a scientifically proven formulation wrapping crop fertility, stress reduction and disease suppression up in one easy-to-use, farmer-friendly package,” said Mick Messman, president and CEO at DPH Biologicals and former director of global seed treatment for DuPont.

BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST leverages the company’s seed-applied technology expertise and biological innovation as part of its overall biocontrol technology platform says Messman, who is one of several leaders at the company with seed-applied technology expertise having helped establish the category.

After hiring several leaders in biologicals, DPH Biologicals expanded its technical bench with the addition of Cliff Watrin, who led the development of seed treatments for Winfield United and Syngenta. “Farmers continue to want a broad range of crop protection options. Companion remains one of the most trusted and proven products available – now in a seed treatment,” said Watrin, VP of Agronomy.

Learn more about DPH Biologicals and BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST in this interview with Messman and Watrin.
DPH Biologicals BellaTrove Companion Maxx ST (12:14)

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