Syngenta Announces Upcoming Seed Treatment Addition

Cindy Zimmerman

At the Commodity Classic last week, Syngenta had a new seed treatment in development for soybeans and cotton to talk about called Victrato®.

Upon approval by the Environmental Protection Agency for registration, which is anticipated by the 2025 growing season, the new seed treatment will introduce targeted technology to stop nematodes, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Cotton Root Rot (CRR) without harming beneficial organisms.

“Victrato will protect against adults, juveniles and eggs from multiple nematode species, including Soybean Cyst (SCN), root knot, reniform, lance and lesion,” said Katie Jaeger, Soybean Seedcare Product Lead. “It will also help defend against Fusarium virguliforme, and provide early-season suppression of foliar diseases, such as frogeye leaf spot, target spot and Septoria brown spot.”

Featuring a novel SDHI active ingredient, TYMIRIUM® technology, Victrato will deliver targeted protection in the root zone. Upon registration, Victrato will be the newest edition to the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio and will help growers protect their crops from some of the most damaging early-season yield threats, while also offering crop safety.

Jaeger explains more about Victrato in this interview.
Classic24 Katie Jaeger, Syngenta Seedcare 2:55

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