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ZimmCast 553We recently published the announcement about the Harvest PR & Marketing acquisition by FLM+ and I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with Rob McClelland, president/CEO, of what will now be known as FLM Harvest. So, that’s this week’s program. Rob and I have a conversation about how this deal came to be and what it means to the future growth of the agency and the services it offers to client companies and organizations. Here is what the announcement said to describe it.

“We have watched and admired the growth and business strategy of Harvest for some time,” said Rob McClelland, president/CEO of FLM Harvest. “This acquisition will help us realize a long-standing goal to fully build out a farmer-driven food practice, and have more depth and expertise in reaching consumers to tell the story of food, agriculture and environmental sciences.”

FLM+, a hybrid strategic consulting, marketing and communications company, specializes in agriculture and life/environmental sciences to improve the lives and health of plants, animals, people and communities. The FLM+ team focuses on setting strategies, aligning teams, framing opinions and creating demand.

Harvest PR & Marketing represents a unique spectrum of food and farm clients, with a heavy focus on grower organizations, national commodity boards and food associations.

Rob says that when it comes to working with farmer checkoff programs the firm now holds a leadership position helping these programs achieve their goals.

Besides discussing the merger itself, which will include new a new logo/website by the beginning of 2018, we also talk about how changes in agribusiness and farming are affecting agencies, especially the need to work in a constantly growing and changing digital environment.

I hope you enjoy the program and thank you for listening!

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