Bou-Matic Gets Monster Exposure

Chuck Zimmerman

Bou Matic Monster MilkerI used this story on World Dairy Diary and think it’s too cool not to use on AgWired as well. I wish I had some video to post but not until after the show airs.

Put a cow in one end and get chocolate and regular milk out the other. Who’d have thought it possible? With a little help from Bou-Matic it is and it’ll be on display at World Dairy Expo.

In a bit of reality TV and a lot of professional planning, design, engineering and finish welding and polish help from California Bou-Matic Dealer Turlock Dairy & Refrigeration, the entire five-day process of rebuilding a 1959 Chevrolet milk truck into a mobile milking parlor and the successful conclusion of milking a cow was chronicled on tape.
This is all being done for the Discovery Channel show Monster Garage.

The Monster Milker will be featured in the show that airs at 8pm Central time on October 3rd, the day before Expo. I interviewed Bou-Matic’s Mark Clarke, product manager, who was on the design team for the truck. You can listen to my interview with Mark here: Download MP3 File (MP3 File 5MB)

Mark describes how the project came about, the team and how they worked to create the design the show wanted and how his company is using it in its promotional efforts.

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Lifestyle Veterinarians

Chuck Zimmerman

Vetz MagazineWe’re certainly hearing a lot about “lifestyle” farming these days. How about lifestyle veterinarians or is it veterinarians who have a lifestyle? That’s the subject of a relatively new magazine called Vetz. Here’s information on their second issue:

VETZ Magazine, the first-ever lifestyle magazine for veterinarians, announced their Technology issue today available for veterinarians and industry experts coast to coast. After an astounding response from the industry, VETZ brings the latest news in technology, law, HR and practice management to the forefront of the industry catering to the needs of the next generation veterinarian.

New articles and sections include:
* Extreme Vetz – Meet a veterinarian that traveled to the South Pole
* Gadgets that Get Results
* A comprehensive “Gadget Guide” – High technology equipment for your practice
* Personal Technology: How to get productive, fast
* Health and Nutrition: Chronic Headaches
* Fine Wines: Do you know how many wines are named after animals? VETZ does the round-up.
* Relationships: Making Marriage Merge with Your Business

So if you want to reach the lifestyle veterinarian here’s your vehicle.


Cotton Leadership Training Begins

Chuck Zimmerman

Cotton Leadership ClassIsn’t this a great looking group? Their leadership training got started at the National Cotton Council headquarters and included communications training.

The class members this year are:

The 23rd class, recently selected by the NCC’s Cotton Leadership Development Committee, includes: Producers – Heath Watson, Mayesville, SC; Jeff Hux, Sikeston, MO; Toby Robertson, Robstown, TX; Kevin Nelson, Tulia, TX; and Tim Cox, Blythe, CA; Ginner – Steve Bullard – BCT Gin Co., Morven, GA; Warehouser – Will Coley, Savannah Warehouse Services, LLC, Savannah, GA; Merchant – Forester Adams, Joseph Walker & Co., Columbia, SC; Marketing Cooperative – Jason Ward – Staplcotn Cooperative Assoc., Greenwood, MS; and Manufacturer – Mitch Hensley, Ramtex, Inc., Ramseur, NC.

Since they’ll be travelling around and meeting with all kinds of industry leaders you know what would be cool? If one of these guys would blog the experience!! Someday someone will think of this.

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Johnson New Deputy Under Secretary

Chuck Zimmerman

USDA Rural DevelopmentHow many of you know Allan Johnson? Congratulate him for his new role at USDA!!

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced today the appointment of Allan Johnson to serve as Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development. “For the past two years, Allan has demonstrated outstanding leadership at USDA Rural Development,” said Johanns. “The people we serve in rural America and USDA will all benefit from his experience and knowledge in this new position.”

Johnson will serve in a leadership role by assisting Under Secretary Tom Dorr in carrying out Rural Development’s mission to support economic activity and improve the quality of life of rural residents.

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New Promotion Board Appointments

Chuck Zimmerman

USDASecretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns was busy making appointments again this week.

To the United Soybean Board:

Appointed members representing soybean producers are: James D. Wilson, Alabama; Houston T. Allen, Arkansas; Larry F. Lewis, Illinois; Jack L. Reed, Indiana; James L. Stillman and Roy P. Bardole, Illinois; John W. Wray, Kansas; George H. Martin, Kentucky; Eugene L. Lowe, III, Maryland; Robert A. Moore, Michigan; Mark S. Pietz, Minnesota; Aubrey M. Beckham, Mississippi; Jason S. Bean, Missouri. Gregory L. Anderson, Nebraska; William R. Coppess, Ohio; Eaddy C. Bozard, South Carolina; Charles R. Friedrich, South Dakota; Gerald G. Caldwell, Tennessee; Richard T. Raun, Texas. Alternate members are: Harold R. Phillips, Alabama; Joseph A. Derrick, South Carolina; and Tom Rotello, Texas.

To the Lamb Promotion, Research and Information Board:

Newly appointed members are: David Trotter of Indiana and John L. Oswalt of Michigan representing producers; Joseph O. Harper of West Virginia representing feeders; William R. Brennan of South Dakota representing first-handlers; and, Laurie K. Hubbard of Pennsylvania seedstock producers.


Canned Beef On It’s Way To Hurricane Evacuees

Chuck Zimmerman

MBIC Report PodcastMany Americans are working together to help hurricane evacuees and that certainly holds true of people in agriculture as you can see in my last post. The Missouri Beef Industry Council has made a donation of $5,000 through the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for a program to send beef products with a long shelf life to aid the people in need. This program was initiated by Heartland Farm Foods (Montgomery City, MO) CEO, Mark Uthlaut. In this week’s MBIC Report, Mark discusses how the program came together and the unique canned beef product his company has made available.

You can listen to this week’s MBIC Report here: Download MP3 File

The MBIC Report is an AgWired podcast which you can subscribe to using the link in our sidebar or on the newly designed MBIC website.

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Agriculture Steps Up To Help Out Hurricane Needy

Chuck Zimmerman

Agriculture River Recovery FundI’ve been collecting news releases from various agricultural companies and organizations that are working to provide help to people impacted by Hurricane Katrina. There’s a lot and I think it shows how helpful Americans are, especially those involved in the food chain! There’s no way to post all of the various efforts but I’ll try to summarize what I have so far. I know there’s much more going on out there. Feel free to add to this post using the comment feature if you know of more.

Let’s start with the Agriculture River Recovery Fund. This is the latest I received notice about. “Supported by solidarity across agriculture, ARRF hopes to raise at least $US 500,000. The funds collected will be distributed to grain industry and supporting service industry employees as quickly as possible.”

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and affiliated state organizations are hard at work “Cattlemen from across the nation are working to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina. In addition to the catastrophic damage in and around New Orleans, thousands have been left homeless and without power and water in rural areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. In addition to making donations to traditional relief agencies, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, state beef councils and state cattlemen’s associations are calling on all agricultural producers to contribute to the recovery effort of farm and ranch families.”

The FFA has a program in place “National FFA President Jackie Mundt announced today a fundraising effort called Seeds of Hope to rebuild agricultural education and FFA programs in the Gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.”

Dow is responding “Also today, Dow announced that it will contribute $3 million to the hurricane relief efforts. The donation will consist of: $1 million in an immediate cash donation to the American Red Cross, $1 million match to employee and retiree donations to the American Red Cross. The more than 1,100 Indianapolis-based employees of Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical, will have the opportunity to contribute, and $1 million in products and technology donations for the longer term reconstruction effort.”

The National Association of Wheat Growers is urging it’s members to help “The staff, board and officers of NAWG offer our heartfelt condolences to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and encourage members and friends of NAWG to contribute to the American Red Cross to help alleviate the suffering and address the real human needs bought on by this unprecedented tragedy.”

Farm Journal Media is using their own media resources to help “Farm Journal Media today announces an initiative to donate cash contributions and media space to the American Red Cross to help ameliorate the human tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina. The company announced that it will match employee contributions made to recognized charities helping with relief by making a donation to the Red Cross. In addition, Farm Journal Media is donating $100,000 of free media space in its publications, television programs, newsletters and on its Internet site,, to encourage U.S. farmers and ranchers to contribute to the Red Cross.”

Of course you have to consider crop insurance and National Crop Insurance Services has this message “The crop insurance industry has already applied for expedited claims servicing procedures in the wake of Katrina. Similar procedures last year, allowed crop insurance companies to quickly respond to hurricane damaged crops in Florida. Producers who do have damage should call their crop insurance agent as soon as possible. The crop insurance companies usually respond to disasters by pulling claims adjusters from around the country.”

CHS is putting up a significant amount of money to help out “CHS Inc. and the independent CHS Foundation announced today plans to contribute a combined $100,000 to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and pledged matching funds for CHS system employees and member cooperatives who contribute to designated efforts.”

Delta & Pine Land were certainly close to the devastation “Delta and Pine Land Company, a leading commercial breeder, producer and marketer of cotton planting seed, today announced a commitment of up to $100,000 for disaster relief. The company has made initial commitments of $20,000 to the Salvation Army Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund and an additional $20,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund. The Company also announced matching programs for employees and customers that will raise the total financial commitment by D&PL to a maximum of $100,000.”

The U. S. Wheat Associates is urging support through the Red Cross “U.S. Wheat Associates extends heartfelt wishes to our colleagues located at the Gulf grain trade facilities. We encourage members of the global “wheat family” to contribute to the American Red Cross if they wish to help.”

There are also many company’s and organizations who are advertising the Red Cross website with a link on their websites. You can find ways to donate and assist on their site.

I certainly don’t mean to exclude anyone. As I said at the beginning of this post, please feel free to use the comment feature to add more if you know of them.

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Hurricane Impact On Missouri Corn Growers

Chuck Zimmerman

CornTalk podcastHurricane Katrina and its aftermath has been getting all the attention lately. It has certainly had an effect on agriculture and in this week’s CornTalk, Cindy Zimmerman interviews Missouri Corn Growers Association Vice President Mike Geske of New Madrid county in the bootheel. Mike talks about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on Missouri corn growers in terms of transportation costs, corn prices and input costs.

You can listen to this week’s CornTalk here: Download MP3 File

CornTalk is a weekly AgWired podcast which you can subscribe to using the link in our sidebar.

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Vance And The Food360 Circle

Chuck Zimmerman

Food 360Here’s something that I haven’t quite fully grasped yet. It’s Vance’s new Food360, which appears to be an effort to bring a lot of different “businesses” into one unit. You can learn more on their website. I’ll warn you about the flash intro though (you can skip it). I appreciate all the effort people go to to create these intros to their website but I just don’t have time for them.

Here’s what they have to say about the new Food360 “Vance Publishing is proud to announce Food360, a combination of products and services unique in the B2B communications world! With Food360, companies can reach all of the audiences in the food chain – agriculture, production, and retail – through a single business unit.

“Although only a small percentage of the world’s population is involved in farming, there are a host of people who touch our food supply as it makes its way toward the consumer,” said Bill Newham, senior vice president of Food360. “There is a vast compendium of people from the moment a product is conceived until it is consumed who need to understand each other’s role and what issues they all hold in common We call this a ‘full-chain view’ – without it, issues looming down chain can quickly overcome your business.”

Food360 will deliver this full-chain view through its individual branded products, people and services, to help customers communicate “full circle” within that chain.

For more information contact Bill Newham, 913-438-8700.