Porta Climb For Dixie Deer

Chuck Zimmerman

Reece Untz - Porta ClimbI’m on location in a deer hunters paradise. Well, I’m not in the woods looking at a big buck but I am at the Dixie Deer Classic. This is a big show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. John Deere has their Drive Green Utility Tractor Show set up here and I’m actually posting from one of their displays since the grounds have free open wireless access. How’s that for a concept?

The first guy I met when I walked in was Reece Untz, Porta Climb, Inc. He’s pictured here with his granddaughter on one of his products. I let him get my coverage of the event started by doing a short interview. Reece says he was here at the first Dixie Deer Classic and that they get between 15-18,000 people through. Things started a little slow this morning but then it is a work day. I’m betting this place will be packed by tonight since it’s open until 9pm.

Reece says they make a Cadillac product and in fact I think I have a relative with one of these stands. They don’t look like they’ll fit in an overhead on a plane but I’m thinking they would be very comfortable in the woods this November.

You can listen to my interview with Reece here: dixie-deer-classic-porta-climb.mp3

Porta Climb® tree stands are made with an all steel, welded construction. Their durable design makes them sturdy enough to last through many seasons of hunting wear and tear. The Cadillac Stand and the Convertible Stand can both have carrying straps added for ease of transport through the woods.

Dixie Deer Classic Photo Album

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