Communicating Throughout the Food Chain

Jamie Johansen

The Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit brought together people from across the agriculture community to discuss issues our industry is facing. Communicating with our consumers seems to be one of the most important things we need to focus on. Dallas Hockman, Vice President of Industry Relations for the National Pork Producers Council, spoke to attendees about the value of communications …

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Recap From Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit

Jamie Johansen

The 12th Annual Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit is a wrap. Each year staff and board members try to bring topics that are hot to the table for experts to share their insights into what the agriculture industry is facing. This year the theme was focused on animal activists and ways we can protect our animals, farms and food but …

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Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit Kicks Off

Jamie Johansen

This morning kicked off the 12th Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit here in Washington, D.C. or more specifically Arlington, Virginia. This year’s topic of discussion was on “Activist at the Door: Protecting Animals, Farms, Food & Consumer Confidence.” The Animal Ag Alliance is focused on connecting, educating & protecting and that is exactly what this conference is all about. Today …

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See It? Stop It! Animal Care Starts With You

Jamie Johansen

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), along with the Center for Food Integrity and the U.S. Pork Sector jointly launched “See It? Stop It! Animal Care Starts With You.” A campaign to give proactive demonstration of agriculture’s commitment to farm animal care. The initiative demands that if signs of animal abuse, neglect, mishandling or harm are seen, then we have …

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Media Bias in Animal Ag Story

Cindy Zimmerman

Fox News loves to point out media bias in mainstream reporting on politics in particular, but probably not when it comes to agriculture. Fox carried an AP story over the weekend about state bills seeking to make it more difficult for animal rights activists to go undercover at agricultural operations to get video of abuse and sometimes hold it for …

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Veterinarians on Call Videos

Chuck Zimmerman

Zoetis has created a series of YouTube videos with veterinarians to show the public how farmers of all sizes take care of their animals. In new YouTube videos released today, swine veterinarians Dr. Matthew Turner of North Carolina and Dr. Tara Donovan of Wisconsin join veterinarians and farmers from across the country in speaking out for responsible livestock farming by …

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How Many Machines are on Your Farm?

Talia Goes

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should we sit down with HSUS in ‘common cause’?” The results of this poll are skewed due to the hacking by HSUS. In the end, the poll read that eighty one percent voted Definitely, fifteen percent said Never, and four percent thought we Should in some cases. The attempt to affect our poll reflects …

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Poll Hijacking

Cindy Zimmerman

The question of whether agriculture should sit down with groups like HSUS to find “common cause” is our poll question this week on and while the answers had at first been running well against such dialogue, the poll has now been “hijacked” by HSUS supporters voting in favor. Overnight last week, the poll received nearly 400 responses in the …

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New Communications Director at Animal Ag Alliance

Melissa Sandfort

Animal Agriculture Alliance President and CEO Kay Johnson Smith announced the appointment of Emily Meredith as the Alliance’s new Director of Communications. Meredith, formerly of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, joins the Alliance after receiving her J.D., with a concentration in food and drug law, from Seton Hall University in Newark, New Jersey. As the Director of Communications, Meredith …

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National Grange Releases Third e-Book

Chuck Zimmerman

The National Grange just released their third e-Book. They’re using my e-book store of preference, the Kindle Store. On Oct. 12, the National Grange released “Notes and Quotes: On the Origin of the Ritual and Early Years of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry” as a Kindle download available through Amazon’s Kindle Store. The text, written by author C. Jerome …

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