Laser Engraved Produce

Chuck Zimmerman

Laser Engraved ProduceNow this is cool. I hate peeling those little labels off fruit and vegetables after you buy them. Sometimes I think they’ve been put on with super glue. Even when you get them off they sometimes leave a sticky residue. This company has got a great idea and I can see this catching on, not only for product labelling but also for advertising!


Monsanto’s YGPL Root Reports Hit The Airwaves

Chuck Zimmerman

MonsantoThis isn’t the first year they’ve done it but they’re doing it a little differently this year. That is they’re using ZimmComm to pre-record interviews with growers and technical representative for a series of radio reports. They’re Osborn & Barr for their client, Monsanto, and the reports are about YieldGard Plus with a focus on corn plant root conditions.

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