Osborn & Barr to Promote Becker Underwood Bio-agronomic Development

Laura McNamara

Osborn & Barr is now the marketing firm of choice for Becker Underwood. The global leader in bio-agronomic development has named Osborn & Barr its agency of record. “When we initiated the search for a new agency of record, it was very important to select an agency with a winning track record of effective brand management and marketing communications within …

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Osborn & Barr Boosts Man-Power in Kansas City

Laura McNamara

Osborn & Barr Communications is strengthening its man-power in Kansas City. The office has introduced new personnel to both its account service and financial teams. The Kansas City office of Osborn & Barr Communications (O&B) has significantly augmented its creative, account service and financial teams with the addition of Jason Silvers, Debbie Davids and Kelly Midkiff. “The addition of Jason, …

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I’ll Be Your Geek Marketer

Chuck Zimmerman

Many AgWired fans know I recommend Micro Persuasion written by Steve Rubel. The man has more insight into how new media can be used as corporate marketing tools than anyone else I’ve found. I have tried diligently to apply his ideas to the agricultural marketing world. He also writes a column for Advertising Age and his latest one is right …

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Farm Journal Zeros In on New Crop Acres

Laura McNamara

New crops are, well, cropping up everywhere. In fact, Farm Journal Media reports that a significant amount of new corn acres are popping up well outside the corn belt. Farm Journal says its latest campaign to collect data on new crop acres is unprecedented. The agricultural media company says this data collection campaign will serve as a vital tool for …

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Ham It Up… With The Cow That Loves Chicken

Laura McNamara

It’s a fun way to get a wad of cash… well, a Savings Bond for $1,000 to be exact. Chick-fil-A wants to get consumers involved in it’s “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, so the food chain is hosting an online photo contest. When you spot that clever little cow urging you to opt for the chicken, start clicking those shutters. It …

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Can You Make The Logo Bigger!

Chuck Zimmerman

I got an email today after sending out our ZimmNews which has a small ZimmComm New Media logo in it. In the email it said, “Make the logo bigger.” At first glance I thought he meant we should make the logo bigger in the email but no . . . He was bringing my attention to a hilarious song called …

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Grill Out On Father’s Day

Chuck Zimmerman

Since Laura just did a post on beef I had to post this YouTube video of a commercial spot for BullsEye BBQ Sauce. Now that I’m home for a few days you can count on the ZimmComm smoker to be put into action probably with a selection of goodies (beef, pork, chicken, fish). If you’re going to be grilling this …

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s a Beef Blimp

Laura McNamara

About 200,000 NASCAR fans attending the race at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Maryland got a heads up on beef June 1st through 3rd. The “It’s What’s For Dinner” blimp debuted at the race, along with beef samples for fans at the “Monster Mile”. The beef balloon was part of the checkoff-funded Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI), a project of …

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Keeping Stock of Livestock

Laura McNamara

Or even wildlife for that matter. Lion Edge Technologies, a family-run company that develops affordable record keeping software specifically for the livestock industry thought AgWired readers should know about what they do. Lion Edge Technologies says its software enables customers to make profitable decisions on any livestock operation, large and small. Different programs are specified for various livestock including cattle, …

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Osborn & Barr Wins a Handful of Firsts

Laura McNamara

Osborn & Barr didn’t do so shabby at its first-ever appearance at the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association communications contest. O&B earned four first-place awards and one merit award for its public relations, creative and event planning work for John Deere Worldwide Commercial & Consumer Equipment. “Osborn & Barr and our clients realize the importance of high-quality communications and marketing …

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