Quick Dick McDick on Protester Diets

Chuck Zimmerman

This is just too good not to share. I know y’all have a good sense of humor and are not offended easily, right? After watching Quick Dick McDick I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. However, this is a very interesting look at how margarine is made and gets to the store. Soooo… It’s funny and educational. I think I can …

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Larson Dairy Reacts to Latest Activist Video

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the most well-respected dairy operations in the nation was the subject of an underground animal activist video that was released this past week. Larson Dairy in Okeechobee, Florida is owned by Woody Larson, who bought the operation from his father Red Larson, who started in the dairy business in 1947. His son Jacob is also involved in the …

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HSUS = PETA Parody

Chuck Zimmerman

At least parody can be funnier than truth. Sometimes. And in the case of this video from HumaneWatch it’s worth a chuckle. If it only wasn’t so true. Read more about the rationale behind the parody here.

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Huge Disservice to the Organic Industry

Chuck Zimmerman

I like to use images and especially video to help tell a story. In this case, however, there is just no need to do so. The folks at the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance brought to my attention the rather disgusting work of the Clif Bar Family Foundation demonstrated by their Seed Matters initiative that features a profanity spewing animated …

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Whistleblower Speaks Out Against HSUS

Chuck Zimmerman

It looks like the tables have been turned on animal liberation group Humane Society of the United States. A former undercover investigator for the extremist group is featured in a just released video by HumaneWatch.org discussing gestation stalls or also called individual maternity pens (IMPs) which are used to house pregnant pigs. You can watch the video below. IMPs provide …

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15 Millon Rea$on$ Not to Give to HSUS

Chuck Zimmerman

I don’t need 15 million reasons not to give money to HSUS. However, I saw the HumaneWatch.org ad in USA Today and was glad they could do it. Hope it helps. The pic here is a portion of that ad. If you want to support your local animal shelter donate your money directly to them. You’ll help a lot more …


Bloggers Bite Back at Chipotle

Cindy Zimmerman

We really have tried to ignore the ignorant Chipotle “TV series” aimed at making farmers and ranchers out to be bad guys, since they simply thrive on the displeasure they cause the traditional agriculture industry. But it is nice to see the on-line ag community biting back. Corn Commentary bloggess Cathryn Wojcicki has done a couple of posts about how …

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HumaneWatch Cat Says WTF HSUS

Chuck Zimmerman

Talk about some great publicity exposing the “real” Humane Society of the United States. HumaneWatch has done it again. Remember to give to your local animal shelter! As part of its ongoing campaign to expose the deceptive fundraising practices of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), yesterday HumaneWatch.org, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, launched a …

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Surviving an Undercover Video

Chuck Zimmerman

We live in a world of anarchists/activists and they’ll stop at nothing to create mayhem. Farmers are not exempt. These wackos are really nothing more than criminals but unfortunately their shenanigans can have devastating impacts on a business. The Center for Food Integrity is conducting a webinar to present ideas for how to deal with the situation from some recent …

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Anti-GMO Activist on Display

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s an interesting video clip of Michael Pollan doing an interview. For those of you who don’t know of him, he’s a very anti-GMO activist who claims to be a journalist. This clip pretty well negates the journalist part when he brags about writing for the New York Times, “But when I wrote about food I never had to give …

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