HumaneWatch Cat Says WTF HSUS

Chuck Zimmerman

HumaneWatch BillboardTalk about some great publicity exposing the “real” Humane Society of the United States. HumaneWatch has done it again. Remember to give to your local animal shelter!

As part of its ongoing campaign to expose the deceptive fundraising practices of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), yesterday, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, launched a billboard in Times Square calling attention to a little-known fact: Despite its commercials and fundraising materials featuring sad-looking puppies and kittens, HSUS gives only one percent of its $120 million budget to support local pet shelters.

The billboard (viewable here) is located in Times Square at Broadway and 46th Street.

The ad features a picture of an angry-looking cat with the headline, “WTF? (Where’s The Funding?),” and goes on to explain, “The Humane Society of the United States only gives 1% of its budget to local pet shelters.” The ad concludes by prompting viewers, “Find Out About the Deception At:”

The one percent figure was calculated after reviewing HSUS’s most recent Form 990 tax return from 2012 and is included as part of’s fourth annual report, “Not Your Local Humane Society.” The full report breaks down all HSUS contributions to local pet shelters on a state-by-state basis dating back to 2009. Unfortunately for shelter pets, the one percent total is no anomaly – it’s the norm.

“The Humane Society of the United States is making money by manipulating Americans, reeling in pet lovers with pictures of sad-looking puppies only to then funnel their donations to a radical agenda,” said Will Coggin, CCF’s senior research analyst. “Instead of spending its money where it is most desperately needed – saving lives at local shelters – in 2012 HSUS spent $50 million on fundraising expenses alone, bankrolled PETA-style propaganda campaigns, maintained a huge staff of lawyers and lobbyists, and rewarded its top brass with bloated salaries and benefits.”

Coggin concluded, “HSUS has $200 million in assets. Pet shelters are struggling day in and day out to help save the lives of pets, but it appears HSUS has other priorities. Animal lovers should demand better from this self-titled ‘humane society,’ and give to their local pet shelter instead.”

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