Controlled Release Big Element of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Chuck Zimmerman

There are people from universities as well as fertilizer companies attending the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Conference. These are the guys from The Scotts Company. I spoke with two of them on a break today. They’re Karl Shrom, Specialty Ag Marketing Manager and Keith Santner, Technical Services Manager. They both work in Scotts Professional Business Group. Many people are familiar with …

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World Market For Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Chuck Zimmerman

One of our keynote speakers at the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Conference is Sarah Landels, Managing Director, AgIndustries Research & Consulting, Inc. Her job was to talk about the world market for EEF’s. Let’s just call them EEF’s since that’s easier than Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers, okay? Sarah conducted a study on this subject a few years ago and presented information from …

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Smarter Fertilizers

Chuck Zimmerman

We seems to have a full house for The New Ag International Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer Conference here in Miami. We’re now in the afternoon sessions. I’ve been conducting interviews and recording presentations and I’ll probably be posting them over the next week or so. You can see that AgWired is online in the back of the room. Yes, that’s my Mac …


Putting A New Face On Agriculture

Chuck Zimmerman

The New Ag International Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer Conference is underway. Our opening general session is underway. I will be posting from the session later. Before we got started though I spoke with John Hassell (right), Manager, Research and Agronomic Development, AGROTAIN, pictured here with Jeff Whetstine. AGROTAIN is one of the major sponsors of the conference and my coverage from here. …


Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizer Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from sunny south Florida and the New Ag International Conference on Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizers. I’ll be here today and tomorrow courtesy of our sponsor AGROTAIN. In just a few minutes I’ll have a pre-conference meeting with the AGROTAIN folks and then the conference kicks off at 10am this morning. So we’ll be learning more about this relatively new class of …


Learning About Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers With AGROTAIN

Chuck Zimmerman

Next week I’ll be covering the International Conference on Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizers courtesy of AGROTAIN. The event is produced by IFA-New Ag International. We’ll be kicking things off on Tuesday morning. While at Commodity Classic I spoke with Andrew Semple, VP, International Sales for AGROTAIN. He says this category of fertilizers was created only recently. It was meant to encompass types …

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SFP: Wasted Fertilizer is Wasted Money

Joanna Schroeder

AgWired coverage of IFAJ 2009 is sponsored by: and SFP, formerly Specialized Fertilizer Products, wants everyone to know that wasted fertilizer is wasted money, and naturally, they have products for growers that can help them see a higher return on investment when added to their current fertilizer mix. The first product is AVAIL, a phosphorus fertilizer enhancer that when added …

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World Ag Congress Climate Change Discussion

Cindy Zimmerman

No forum on world food security issues would be complete without a session on climate change and that was how the World Ag Congress concluded its roundtable discussions Wednesday. While the issue may be debatable, there is no question that agriculture should be taking every opportunity to decrease greenhouse gas emissions – including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Panalist …

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Agrotain Focuses on Sustainability at Ag Congress

Cindy Zimmerman

It should be no surprise that sustainability is the most often used word here at the World Agricultural Forum’s World Ag Congress in St. Louis since the agriculture industry as a whole remains under the microscope when it comes to environmental issues. Another company making a difference in that arena is St. Louis-based AGROTAIN International and I talked with president …

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Global Marketing on the River

Cindy Zimmerman

“Rolling on the River” was the theme of the grand opening event this week in St. Louis of AGROTAIN International/Lange-Stegmann’s new stabilized nitrogen production facility and urea storage center. To drive that home, they even had a Tina Turner look-alike to kick off the celebration, which also featured a riverboat themed luncheon. This company is most definitely on a roll …

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