Bioponica – The New Wave of Food Production?

Joanna Schroeder

Who wants to grow food in a box? Maybe not a lot of you yet but you just might after reading this story. David Epstein, D.O. a holistic osteopathic physician and Kenneth Lovell, P.E., a professional engineer have developed Bioponica, a food production system that turns food, yard and body waste into feed and then from feed to food. The …

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Conservation In Action Tour Wrap-up

Chuck Zimmerman

Conservation Technology Information Center Chairman Tim Healey, AGROTAIN, gave us a preview of the Conservation in Action Tour. Now you get to hear his wrap-up following the CTIC board meeting. Tim says the tour was a real success and I echo that. We learned a lot about what farmers are doing in this Chesapeake Bay area and especially in the …

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The 4R Nutrient Stewardship System

Chuck Zimmerman

Representing The Fertilizer Institute on the Conservation in Action Tour was Kathy Mathers, V.P. of Public Affairs. I spoke to Kathy during the Conservation Technology Information Center board meeting that followed the tour to Nutrient stewardship is on the top of the list for TFI according to Kathy. She says they’re promoting the 4R Nutrient Stewardship System which means using …

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AGROTAIN Assisting No-Till Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

During the Nutrient Use Efficiency Expo on the Conservation in Action Tour our sponsor, AGROTAIN, was one of the exhibitors. Manning the booth was Daryl Clay. He says many of the farms in this part of the country have used no-till for decades. However, using no-till does present some challenges with nitrogen management being one of them. Daryl says that …

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Nutrient Use Efficiency Expo – John Deere Demo

Chuck Zimmerman

Late in the day on the Conservation in Action Tour we participated in a Nutrient Use Efficiency Expo with several exhibitors. One of them was John Deere where Pauley Bradley was demonstrating their PitStop Pro coupling system that lets farmers quickly change anhydrous ammonia tanks without getting out of their cab. I asked Pauley to demonstrate for me and you …

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AGROTAIN Presents New Research at AMS

Cindy Zimmerman

AGROTAIN was another one of the many companies and organizations at the Ag Media Summit Info Expo last week in St. Paul, talking with those attending about what’s new. Chuck talked with John Hassell, who is Manager for Research and Agronomic Development at AGROTAIN, about some new research they are very excited about – one at the University of Illinois …

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Developing Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers In France

Chuck Zimmerman

Sophie Marquis works for GPN Agriculture in France, pictured here with Andrew Semple, VP International Sales, AGROTAIN. She says there’s a lot of pressure in France and other EU countries on the development of new fertilizers that can increase yields while helping with environmental concerns. She says there are some products available now in their market but it sounds like …

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Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Improve Sustainability

Chuck Zimmerman

When it comes to sustainable food production, enhanced efficiency fertilizers are starting to play a role. At the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Conference Charlie Walker, Incitec Pivot Ltd., Australia was on the program to talk about how they’re using urease and nitrification inhibitors to accomplish this. If you like a good Aussie accent then you’ll enjoying listening to Charlie. He’s a …

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Using Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers for Corn and Wheat

Chuck Zimmerman

Using enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEF’s) in corn and wheat was the subject of a presentation by Greg Schwab, University of Kentucky, at the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Conference. We’re just starting to see these products make their way into large acre crop use. I spoke to Greg after his presentation and he says he works very closely with farmers and crop …

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International Fertilizer Efficiency

Chuck Zimmerman

We had a great mix of international attendees at the Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Conference in Miami. I spoke with two of them after being introduced by AGROTAIN Marketing Communications Manager, Carrie Doza, pictured in the middle. To the left is Dr. Surinder K. Bansal, Potash Research Institute of India and on the right is Daniel O. Claudino dos Santos (a …

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