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Positive Innovation in a World of Sustainability

Jamie Johansen

Elanco Animal Health’s seminar at the Central Plains Dairy Expo highlighted the role of innovation in the dairy industry. Dr. Roger Cady, Global Sustainability Lead, Scientific Affairs & Policy for Elanco talked about the positive impact of innovation on the I-29 Dairy Corridor which includes Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. “Producers along the I-29 Corridor are recognized as leaders …

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CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation

Taylor Truckey

Leading agribusiness CEOs, with the assistance of the Bipartisan Policy Center, have announced a new joint effort aimed to identify and promote innovative approaches to improving sustainability in agriculture and food production. The CEO Council on Sustainability and Innovation will officially be launched tomorrow, October 29 by leaders of DuPont, Elanco, Kellogg Company, and Land O’ Lakes. Over the next …

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Sustainability Education at Animal Ag Summit

Jamie Johansen

A panel of industry leaders shared their thoughts and research concerning sustainability during the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit. Dr. Roger Cady, Sustainability Lead, Elanco Animal Health, said he liked to divide sustainability into the three pillars of environment, economic and social. “Farmers are the natural environmentalists of the land. Key to this is preserving our land, preserving our …

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Elanco ‘HATCHes’ Egg Plan to Fight Hunger

John Davis

Elanco has teamed up with the Kroger Co.’s Central Division, Rose Acre Farms, Gleaners Food Bank and Midwest Food Bank to help fight hunger by providing eggs to undernourished people of all ages. This company news release says HATCH is an innovative partnership of community leaders, government officials, association representatives and food shoppers that will provide one egg to a …

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ENOUGH – #Feedthe9 with Jeff Simmons

Taylor Truckey

Jeff Simmons, President of Elanco, delivered a powerful call to action to over 60,000 FFA members on Friday, October 31 during the 4th General Session of the 87th Annual National FFA Convention & Expo. Elanco has developed a campaign to bring awareness and solutions to those facing hunger and malnutrition around the world. Those behind the ENOUGH movement, and the thousands …

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Jeff Simmons, Elanco, Accepts #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Chuck Zimmerman

Another ALS IceBucketChallenge has been met. This time it’s Jeff Simmons, Elanco Animal Health. He received my challenge and he has answered it and issued his own. Here’s what Jeff did: Elanco president Jeff Simmons accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Chuck Zimmerman and Tyson president and CEO Donnie Smith, then challenges U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heifer …

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Defining Environmental Sustainability

Jamie Johansen

Sustainability is defiantly a buzzword around the agricultural industry. During Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Stakeholders Summit on Cracking the Millennial Code a panel was formed to discuss this hot topic. Two panelist’s, Aidan Connolly, Vice President of Corporate Accounts for Alltech and Dr. Rober Cady, Elanco, sat down with Chuck following the discussion to share their definition of environmental sustainability. Aiden …

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Let’s #FeedThe9 Enough

Chuck Zimmerman

Everyone should have a Sensible Table. We should make sure we have the facts when it comes to food and food security. We’ve got a couple billion more mouths to feed in coming years. So have you joined the movement? Congratulations and welcome to the ENOUGH movement! You’ve said “enough is enough.” Together, we can make a difference and solve …

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Lilly to Acquire Novartis Animal Health

Cindy Zimmerman

A $5.4 billion deal announced today will create world’s second-largest animal health company. Eli Lilly and Company intends to acquire Novartis Animal Health in an all-cash transaction “to strengthen and diversify Lilly’s own animal health business, Elanco.” The transaction will result in Elanco becoming the second-largest animal health company in the world in terms of global revenue, will solidify its …

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Elanco: Enough is Enough in Food Security Debate

John Davis

Farmers need to be able to access and use the latest food production technology to make sure a projected world population of 9 billion by the year 2050 has enough to eat. In a report titled “Enough: The fight for a food secure tomorrow,” from animal health company Elanco, company president Jeff Simmons points out that the biggest growth in …

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