Elanco: Enough is Enough in Food Security Debate

John Davis

wfp13-jeff1Farmers need to be able to access and use the latest food production technology to make sure a projected world population of 9 billion by the year 2050 has enough to eat. In a report titled “Enough: The fight for a food secure tomorrow,” from animal health company Elanco, company president Jeff Simmons points out that the biggest growth in population will happen in the next few years, so innovative solutions are needed now.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports we’ll need 60 percent more meat, milk and eggs to meet demand by 2050. But, we’re already overusing the Earth’s resources; it currently takes 1.5 years to regenerate 1 year of resource use, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

“We are currently on the fast track to a crisis and a global shortage of basic foods such as meat, milk and eggs. For example, today, we are meeting global milk demand primarily by adding cows. On this path, we will need 40 million more dairy cows in order to meet consumer demand for dairy products in 2050. This is simply not sustainable,” Simmons said.

“But alternatives exist. We have — either available right now or in the pipeline — the technology that would enable us to meet consumer demand in 2050. But we need to give farmers the ability to access and utilize this technology and ensure that proven innovation and farm practices which maintain health and productivity are available for use,” Simmons continued.

Simmons has many food security experts on his side, including organizations such as Heifer International. More about how you can get involved in the movement is available at www.SensibleTable.com.

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