AGOLIN/Alltech Partnership for Eco-Friendly Nutrition Solutions

Chuck Zimmerman

Martha Baker, AlltechDuring the recent CattleCon I visited with Martha Baker, Alltech. She is the AGOLIN Lead for Alltech. The company acquired a majority interest in AGOLIN last year. She says AGOLIN is “foundational to their sustainability and approach to carbon markets.” Martha describes that in more detail in our interview.

AGOLIN products are blends of high-quality plant extracts from traditional herbs and spices. They have a pleasant scent and highly refined physical form, which are well accepted by both the feed industry and producers. All compounds used in AGOLIN products are of food quality and GMO-free. In this situation with CattleCon the focus is on beef and dairy cows nutrition.

Learn more in my interview with Martha.

Interview with Martha Baker, Alltech 5:33

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