AgGateway Exploring Animal Ag

Cindy Zimmerman

There is a lot of interest for AgGateway right now in moving into setting standards for data in the animal agriculture space.

Ben Craker, AgGateway Portfolio Manager, moderated the Animal Ag Meetup at the recent AgGateway annual meeting and he says they just started a new working group focused on documenting use cases and data exchange around dairy feed. “There’s a lot of interest with carbon programs and understanding enteric emissions so knowing what animals are fed and being able to document that,” said Craker.

2023 AgGateway interview Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager 6:46

Two AgGateway members who attended the Animal Ag Meetup are excited about the possibilities. “We’ve done a lot on the crop side and at the field level but now we need to do more on the animal agriculture side,” said Philip Kubesh, IT Director at Vita Plus. “Other continents have gotten the jump on us and we need to take a look at that and address it.”

Peter Schott with Format Solutions says the dairy working group is a start but there are many opportunities in the future. “I think further down the road there’s going to be more of a trend for using nutritional data to make better purchasing decisions and use of ingredients,” he said.

2023 AgGateway - Philip Kubesh, Vita Plus and Peter Schott, Format Solutions 5:54

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