Tech Hub LIVE Keynoter Offers Ag Economic Insights

Cindy Zimmerman

Keynote speaker for the second annual Tech Hub LIVE on Wednesday was David Widmar, managing partner at Agricultural Economic Insights (AEI), who offered his insights on where we are in the farm economy production agriculture business cycle, some key demographic trends, and some key conversations to have with growers.

Widmar says one of the main favorable factors in the current farm economy is an increase in oilseeds demand. “We’ve seen it here in the U.S. but also around the world,” said Widmar. “It’s soybeans in South America, sunflowers in Eastern Europe, and it’s rapeseed in India.” has produced two in-depth podcast series in the past two years, “Escaping 1980” about the causes, impacts, and lasting effects of the 1980s farm crisis, and “Corn Saves America” on agriculture’s role in environmental solutions, comparing the rise of corn ethanol with today’s carbon markets. The podcast just received a Star Prize award for audio from the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) at the organization’s 2022 World Congress in Denmark last month, so congratulations for that major accomplishment.

Listen to an interview with Widmar here.
2022 Tech Hub LIVE interview with David Widmar, AEI 6:03


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