Broadband is Vital for Farming Future VISION

Cindy Zimmerman

One of the big takeaways at the recent VISION Conference was that broadband access in the countryside is imperative for the future of regenerative agriculture, automation, connectivity, and transparency in the food supply chain.

The United Soybean Board sponsors the conference because innovation and technology play a major role in the soybean checkoff strategic plan.

North Dakota farmer Jay Myers, who serves on the United Soybean Board, says a recent checkoff-funded study showed just how much the lack of access to broadband impacts American farmers and the economy. “They did a survey in 2019 that showed 60 percent of the farms didn’t have adequate broadband service,” said Myers.

Collecting, storing and using data on the farm all depend on reliable broadband access and Myers says that becomes even more challenging in the evolving carbon marketplace. “The biggest issue is, how do we measure that?” Myers said.

Listen to an interview with Myers from the VISION Conference.
VISION 2022 interview with Jay Myers, USB 5:28

The VISION Conference 2022 Photo Album

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