Syngenta Offers Advice for CRW Pressure

Cindy Zimmerman

Weakened roots due to corn rootworm (CRW) pressure helped to result in more downed corn in several Midwestern states this year from windstorms and the infamous derecho. Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota were among the states most affected this year, according to Syngenta. Other areas seeing heavier than normal CRW pressure this year included key rootworm geographies of northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado

Syngenta launched a CRW monitoring program this year to help growers minimize long-term impact through specific management strategies.​​​​ CRW was one of the topics addressed by Syngenta specialists during the NAFB virtual Trade Talk last week.

Listen to Drew Showalter, Strategic Marketing Manager for Corn, and Meade McDonald, Syngenta insecticide product lead, discuss CRW pressure in 2020 and how growers can prepare to manage it in 2021.

2020 NAFB Interview with Drew Showalter and Meade McDonald, Syngenta 14:44

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