Kicking Veal Misconceptions to the Curb

Jamie Johansen

The 2017 National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk gives voice to agriculture. There we were able to speak with the American Veal Association (AVA) for the first time. Misconceptions flood this industry and I for one, learned many things while speaking with Dr. Marissa Hake, AVA veterinarian who covers herd health in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

“One of the biggest misconceptions the industry has been working on the last 10 years is how they are raised. Ten years ago they moved away from crates and into group housing. The veal you buy on the market now is housed in groups of two to 10. They can stand up, lay down, move around and interact naturally. American veal producers have invested in remodeling and new barns to better serve these calves,” Dr. Hake said.

Size is also a misconception. Calves are about five to six months old and weigh about 450 to 500 lbs. They are also never dehorned or castrated and Dr. Hake reminds us that it is illegal to use growth-promoting implants in veal calves.

Listen to my complete interview with Marissa to hear how they are communicating with the consumer and why you should choose veal for that nice meal out. Interview with Dr. Marissa Hake, American Veal Association

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