Bringing Smart Farming to Aquaculture

Lizzy Schultz

Farmers across the livestock production sectors have begun to have increased access to smart farming technology on their operations, including the booming global aquaculture industry. Rully Setya Purnama is the Chief Operating Officer of eFishery, a company offering integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming that allows operators to control their fish/shrimp feeding performance directly from a smartphone or laptop, anytime and anywhere. He sat down with Jamie Johansen at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, where he finished up his participation with the Pearse Lyons Accelerator Program, to talk about eFishery’s innovations and how they are revolutionizing the Asian fish market.

“Our technology uses sensors that can monitor the appetite of fish and shrimp in real-time and report data back to operators, making feeding more efficient, reducing feeding costs up to 31% and boosting profits up to 100%,” said Purnama. “And it’s all connected to the cloud, so every farmer can access their business remotely, anytime and anywhere.”

Alltech has opened global opportunities for eFishery, and the company is currently operating in the world’s six largest aquaculture producers: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India. Purnama hopes to continue expanding the company throughout the large Asian fish market and, eventually, throughout the entire global market.

Listen to Jamie’s full interview with Rully here:
Interview with Rully Setya Purnama, eFishery

Download photos from the event here:
Alltech ONE17 Photo Album

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