Beyond the Farm Gate – It’s All About Passion

Jamie Johansen

This is the 12th year Bayer CropScience has brought a diverse group of ag voices together to talk about key agricultural issues and the importance of advocating for our industry. One panel during the 2017 Bayer AgVocacy Forum brought a team of farmers together to discuss Beyond the Farm Gate: Today’s Challenges Create Tomorrow’s Opportunities. Panelist included: Deb Gangwish, Co-Owner, PG Farms, Inc. and The Diamond “G”; Jay Hill, Grower, Hill Farms and Wholesome Valley Farms; and Ray Gaesser, Grower, Gaesser Farms.

Each had a similar yet unique message to bring to the table. I was able to catch up with Jay to learn more about his very diverse vegetable and nut operation in New Mexico. He put it simply, “It’s all about passion. People can tell if you are truly passionate about what you do.”

“We live by the three T’s…Trust, Taste and Transparency. As a person who probably has the most important job in the world, providing people with nutrient dense, wholesome food is my job and people must trust me. I have to make sure I grow something that tastes great. And I want to make sure whatever I do is transparent. As a producer, it’s time for us to step off the farm, put the suit and tie on and get in front of people.”

Jay said he would like to see more ag producers put on their political hats and make their voices heard on policy issues that impact them. One key issue in agriculture we are all discussing is farm labor. Jay knows the importance of this issue first-hand. “As we look at immigration, we have to find a way to streamline the process for people who want to come here to work and make sure we get those people into our tax base. We need to make sure when they come here to work they aren’t sending everything back home. That’s what is happening right now.”

Jay understands the impact social media plays in today’s world of communicating. Learn more about those efforts and how he communicates with his consumers in our complete chat here: Interview with Jay Hill, Hill Farms & Wholesome Valley Farms

Listen to the complete panel discussion here: Panel: Beyond the Farm Gate

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