StarFire 6000 Receiver Shines at #JDReveal

Cindy Zimmerman

deere-starfireNearly 16 years ago, John Deere set the farming world aflame with the StarFire guidance system. This year, the company has taken satellite-based guidance to new heights with the introduction of the StarFire 6000 receiver and SF3 signal.

“One of the biggest new features is a new differential correction signal called our SF3,” said Deere Product Marketing Manager Jerred Karnei, which delivers 40 percent greater pass-to-pass accuracy, new in-season repeatability and 66 percent faster pull-in time than the previous SF2 correction level.

deere-media16-jarredIn addition, the StarFire 6000 also delivers improved up time that keeps precision ag systems running in challenging conditions. By using the latest navigation algorithms, the StarFire 6000 can track up to three StarFire satellite signals at once, intelligently choose the one that will deliver the best performance, and automatically switch to an alternate signal to help maintain accuracy and performance if the primary signal is blocked. “So if you run up against dense tree lines and you lose signal because GPS is blocked, once you get out of those tree lines we have a quicker time to get back to full accuracy,” said Karnei.

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