A Thirsty Land Update

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 497Early in 2015 documentary film maker Conrad Weaver got into the field to start his latest project, Thirsty Land. He has been in states from Kansas to California filming the drought situation and meeting with many farmers to learn about the effect the drought has been having on rural communities.

Thirsty Land DocumentaryThis morning I spoke with Conrad to find out how the project is going. He says he’s now in the editing stage and will have the film completed in time to show it in its entirety at the Water for Food Global Conference in April. The Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska is one of the sponsors for the film project.

Conrad has learned how the drought situation has not only affected farmers who are having to purchase water at unsustainable prices but also the farm workers who have been laid off when farms have to cut back. In California the lack of water storage has been a big problem and farmers are frustrated that there has not been enough investment in storage to capture water when they do have rain. Hear more about what Conrad has learned and is doing as he develops Thirsty Land in this week’s program.

Listen to this week’s ZimmCast here: Conrad Weaver, Thirsty Land

Sponsorships are still available for Thirsty Land if you would like to support the project.

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