Book Review & Contest – Combines with Casey & Friends

Joanna Schroeder

There is a new strategy this year for “Black Friday” that I’m coining “StayFriday” where one does his/her holiday shopping from home. And today I’m offering up a great gift idea that you can purchase online for the little ones in your life: “Combines” written by Holly DuFek and illustrated by Paul E. Nunn. What better way to review a book then try it out on an adorable four-year old child named Keaton Dicks? Alas, there is none.

Keaton Dicks

Book reviewer Keaton Dicks of Des Moines, IA takes “Combines” for a test drive.

We sat down to read Combines and while he loved the pictures, Keaton soon lost interest in the story. Why? Because I discovered it was a bit too difficult for him at his age. The well-illustrated story kicks off with farm girl Casey who talks about her love of farming. Along with her Case IH friends such as Bailey the Bailer, Kellie the Combine and Cody the Combine (Keaton’s favorite) she tells the story of the fall harvest and the evolution of the equipment used not only to harvest the crops, but grow the crops. Combines has some neat facts and fun games too. While the publisher recommends the book for ages 4-8, my recommendation is to purchase this book for children, both boys and girls, ages 6+.

As a bonus, Keaton and I read, “Casey’s Bright Red Christmas” and he really enjoyed this book. It’s the day before Christmas and Casey comes down with a bad cold. Under the leadership of her friend Tillus the worm, he and her friends put together a great Christmas celebration. In one scene they make cute Christmas tree cookies, which really got Keaton’s interest, and the recipe is included. This book is more suited to younger kids 3+.

Case IH is offering our readers a special contest. For your chance to win, make a comment to my post. You can share your experience of harvesting, tell a funny story on the farm, or just give us your name, but have some fun, and you’ll be registered to win both of these children’s books along with one for adults, “Red Combines” a coffee table book that I will be doing a book review of soon.

Can’t wait to win? Then click here to purchase either of the books or another in the series.

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