Liechtenstein Group Invests in PowerPollen

Cindy Zimmerman

International investment company the Liechtenstein Group, known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture and innovative technologies, is leading a funding round in Iowa-based company PowerPollen, which has developed a unique technology that allows pollen to be collected, preserved, and applied on-demand.

PowerPollen’s patented technology and hardware collects pollen from male plants, and then preserves the viability of the pollen up to four years for future application. Using a custom applicator, the pollen can be applied precisely at the right time and under ideal conditions in the fields. Yield improvements of over 20 percent with corn seeds significantly contribute to improving global food security. Targeted pollination “on demand” reduces the need for male plant rows, leading to reduced land use, as well as lower water and resource consumption.

In recent years, PowerPollen has proven its technology through successful partnerships with industry leaders, such as Bayer and Corteva for corn, and BASF for wheat, and underscores the value of leveraging scale-up innovation, like PowerPollen, to meet the world’s goals for more sustainable food production.

In addition, the Liechtenstein Group has also established a promising joint venture between PowerPollen and RiceTec to advance PowerPollen hybrid rice

Hybrid rice, with a 20 percent or higher yield advantage over conventional pure line varieties, remains a cornerstone of global food security. Traditional rice cultivation poses escalating environmental and economic risks, including groundwater depletion, methane emissions and labor challenges. Enabling better hybrid rice pollination systems has the potential to increase the global rice value and sustainable production.

“We are absolutely convinced of the technology and its importance for more sustainable agriculture and global food security. For RiceTec, our rice seed company, the technology also has enormous potential to further increase the efficiency of this staple food crop for billions of people worldwide,” said Johannes Meran, CEO of the Liechtenstein Group. “Through RiceTec genetics and PowerPollen’s technology, we can unlock untapped efficiencies in hybrid rice production, setting the stage for a significant leap forward in global food security and climate change mitigation.”

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