AgSwag Golden Update

Chuck Zimmerman

AgSwagRight across from the ZimmComm booth at the Agri-Marketing Conference was AgSwag. I got out the ZimmComm Golden Mic for an update interview with Jordan Van Trump and used his AgSwag Golden Ticket for a free cap. I picked the limited edition “Farm Strong” cap you see Jordan wearing.

You may wonder about the AgSwap Golden Ticket. It has nothing to do with our well-known Golden Mic or Golden ZimmComm Mic Award winners. Instead, think Willy Wonka and the gold ticket to get into the Chocolate Factory. In our interview Jordan explains and how it has spawned a new venture for his company.

The Van Trumps not only farm but have several ventures like their own farm show, FARMCON. The next one will be January 8-9, 2025 in KC, MO. Besides FARMCON, Jordan updates us on the Van Trump Report and Farm Tank. There’s more but I’ll let him talk about it in our interview.

Interview with Jordan Van Trump, AgSwag
NAMA24 Jordan Van Trump, AgSwag 6:48

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