Jeb Bush Touts #Ag Support at Iowa State Fair

Joanna Schroeder

Jeb Bush at Presidential SoapboxRepublican Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and presidential hopeful, kicked off his time on the Presidential Soapbox promoting his support of agriculture and renewable energy. Florida has a huge agriculture community. In fact, the state ranks second in value of vegetable production, just behind California, is the first in production value for oranges, grapefruit, watermelons, and more and is 12th in beef cows. Florida also ranks seventh in agricultural exports with $4 billion.

With the importance of ag to Iowans, he put the issue top of mind for Iowa State fairgoers when he began his remarks by focusing on an America in decline. But unlike his predecessors, he enveloped his support of two of Iowa’s largest industry’s – renewable energy and agriculture – at the very beginning of his talk rather than waiting until he was asked a question from the crowd his stand of the two issues.

Bush noted that the EPA, through WOTUS and the Clean Air Act, “will stifle the ability for industry to be created and agriculture to work leading the world”. “We have serious, serious problems,” continued Bush. “We need to embrace the energy revolution, and be energy secure with North American resources in a short period of time with American ingenuity, American innovation and American technology.”

Beyond these remarks, Bush didn’t focus on ag but rather, like his opponents, on how he would bring economic security back to Americans.

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